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Lincoln Living Historical Farm

The Abraham Lincoln Park in Little Europe, Noble City is a park named after the 16th president of the United States of America.

The park Edit

The park features a replica of a log cabin to represent and reenact a farm of the time of Abraham Lincoln's youth. During summer, children play in the cabin and the elderly stroll around the park grounds admiring the multiple flower beds or enjoying the many squirrels feeding on pine cones while balancing on tree trunks and the many benches around the park. On New Year's Eve, a spectacular fireworks display will mark midnight in Little Europe. All are invited to be part of the festivities.

12 February Edit

Because Abraham Lincoln was birth on 12 February in 1809, there is each year a little party for the residents of the surrounding houses and the neighborhood. There is a small dance floor, some artists, food and drink and more.

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