Blackburn University
Seal of Blackburn University Standard of Blackburn University
Name Blackburn University
Language English
Official color

██ Navy

██ Dark red

Symbol open book, crown
Motto "Nec Plus Ultra"
Rector Yuri Medvedev
Founded May 4 1887 (as Nobel University)
July 23 2008 (as Blackburn University)
Location Seal of Newhaven Newhaven, Seal of Kings Kings
Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania

Blackburn University, BBU, is a major Lovian privately-owned research university and the true successor of the 121-year old Nobel University. The new Blackburn University was founded July 23, 2008 as part of a series of reforms, and was named after the Lovian scientist Elisabeth Blackburn. The university is privately owned by the Noble Educational Corporation. Blackburn University is well-known for its high-standard academic education and scientific research in social sciences. Blackburn offers a full range of academic bachelor and master programs.

The university consists of two major campuses: one in Newhaven and another in Noble City. Blackburn is the largest educational institution by enrollment in the nation.

Present-day Rector (or Chancellor) of Blackburn University is Yuri Medvedev. Percival E. Galahad is the university's Vice Rector.

Etymology Edit

During the huge Nobel University reform there were many discussion on a name for the successor of NU. Some suggested Noble University, though this was rejected "being to generic and just a copy of the former name". The staff proposed many others, including Medvedev University, until Blackburn University was chosen. This name refers to Elisabeth Blackburn, the famous female scientist from Lovia who was married to Nikolay Medvedev, mathematician, statistician and economist, and Yuri Medvedev's grandfather.

The University's name is often abbreviated BBU or sometimes BU.

Blackburn University, Newhaven Edit

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Blackburn University, Noble City Edit

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Scientific research Edit

Blackburn University is renowned for its research in sciences and social and cultural aspects of society. In fact, there is no actual research unit of the university, but the two campuses have their own research units, field and policies. They work separately, except for some researches with common interests. Both universities share their study material and research results and statistics whenever the other university considers them useful for their own goals.

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Beside the research conducted at the university itself, Blackburn University cooperates with several research centers erected by the university and private or public partners. These are:

Staff Edit

Education and research staff Edit

Professors and researcher associated with Blackburn University include:

Symbols Edit

The seal of Blackburn University is generally considered one of the most detailed and unique seals. In Lovia there is almost never text in the border, which is in contrast with United States seals. In this seal both the university's name and the motto are engraved in the border. The motto is Nec Plus Ultra, meaning "nothing than the best", which was the same for the Nobel University. In the field the royal crown is shown in white, with the foundation date (1887) in it. Underneath a great open book is portrayed, which has become one of the two symbols of Blackburn University. On the left page the letters NH are written, on the right page NC, refering to the two cities where BBU is based.

Blackburn University calls its own flag a "standard", due to its square form. The standard has a dark red field in which a white circular band is depicted. This band is identical to the one on the seal and features the name and motto. In the dark red center a vertically long coat of arms stands, colored navy and bordered gold. On the coat of arms the open book is depicted.

Comparison between Nobel and Blackburn University symbols Edit

NobelUniversity seal Nobel University (1887-2008) Seal of Blackburn University Blackburn University (2008-ongoing)
NobelUniversity flag
NobelUniversity modern
1) Navy flag with four stars, name, date, crown and reflections of the stars
2) Navy and white flag with four stars, name, date, crown, "the Kingdom of Lovia" and reflections of the stars
Standard of Blackburn University
Dark red square flag (standard) with circular white band (with the name and motto) and a navy coat of arms with an open book (with NH and NC on it)
Motto Nec Plus Ultra Nec Plus Ultra
Official colors

██ Navy

██ Navy

██ Dark red

NobelUniversity seal
Navy seal with a royal crown, four stars, name, motto, date and "the Kingdom of Lovia"
Seal of Blackburn University
Navy seal with white and dark red borders, wherein name and motto are engraved, and with an open book (with NH and NC on it) and a royal crown (with the text "1887")
Symbols Royal crown
Four stars
Royal crown
Open book

Partnerships Edit

Domestic partners in higher education include:

Direct international partners include:

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