Abbreviation HEMPPAC
Chairman Jackson Welsh
Founded 2007
Disbanded 2012
Ideology progressivism,
Spectrum progressive left
Lovian Politics
Close to CPL.nm, Labour
Far from CCPL, UNS
0 / 100
Jackson Welsh, Henri Megrii

HEMPPAC, or Help End Marijuana Prohibition Political Action Committee and was also sometimes known as the Green Hemp Party (when it ran candidates for office), was a Lovian political party (categorized by some as a political pressure group or movement) that advocateed environmentalist laws and protests laws restricting drug use. HEMPPAC was set up by citizens of Seven, who claim to have been discriminated for smoking cannabis on the streets of Kinley. Jackson Welsh, who has held many rallies to keep soft drugs legal, has been the leader of the movement since 2007.

The party's members largely supported environmentalism and progressivism, and oppose any outlawing of drugs, instead preferring taxation or no regulation at all.

Notable supporters Edit

Notable Lovians associated with the political party are Henri Megrii (member and MOTC), the Bradly-Lawshawns, and MOTC Marcus Villanova. The Villanova children have been very instrumental in the building up of the party and its views when Andrew Villanova jokingly proclaimed, "Well, the smoke helps (Lady) Gaga write songs, so it should help everyone!" Strangely enough, extreme right-wing conservative politician I. G. La Blaca supports the movement. Famous youth artist Stephen Grimsley is also a supporter but not a member of the party.

The party elected two MOTCs, one being Jackson Welsh, to the Congress in the 2011 Special Federal Elections.

After no sucess in the 2012 Federal elections the Party, in a aired comical event called "A Night of Fun!", viewed by over 100,000 Lovians, merged with the Rent is too Damn High Party. At first taken as a joke the party has a small committed membership.

HEMPPAC Members Edit

Criticism Edit

There was little support for the party. Former Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev (CPL.nm) expressed his concern over the status of soft drugs: "The legalization of soft drugs will raise the number of addicts, health problems and people who step over to hard drugs." Medvedev's fellow communist Jon Johnson, as well as King Dimitri I of Lovia made clear they believed drug control by legal force is necessary. Marcus Villanova (CPL.nm) supports legalized cannabis, but wants legal limits.

In response to this criticism, Philip Bradly-Lashawn (CPL.nm) said: "By legalization of soft drugs the government will be allowed to monitor drug use better. By forbidding it all together you will not stop people from using drugs; the whole circuit will simply go underground again".

Lars Washington suggested to "take every possible step to help the farmers who are now depending on the income of this cultivation, to find other ways to assure their income."

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