Jose Olé is a popular Lovian tex-mex fast-food restaurant chain. It was started in the 1960s, and is now a popular restaurant in Lovia. The original restaurant is located at 5 Southern Avenue New Town, Noble City. It serves all the traditional Mexican foods like tacos, burritos, fajitas, and nachos. The food is priced from $2.50 to $10, and is known as to be of quite good quality. The restaurant has expanded to Place Concorde, Noble City Mall, Atrium Center and the Atlantis Resort in Adoha.

In 2012 the business was sold to Rapid Foods along with Chez Pierre.


"A total disappointment of a restaurant. One expects some sort of a Mexican experience, but gets a shabby attempt at tex-mex. Lousy service, definately one of Lovia's worst restaurants." 1 star-Cinq Etoiles

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