Paul West

Paul West wearing an elven costume.

The Lovian Elven Circle is a small spiritual and subcultural movement originating in Seven, Lovia during the 1990s, popularized by singer and violist Paul West.

Rather than a religious sect, scholars and the press consider them a new religious movement (NRM) or cult. With only about forty members nationwide, the LEC is not at all influential. Unlike sects, the Circle does not require a specific daily lifestyle. Members do participate in mystical and sometimes occult activities on special occasions, such as Elvens' Day in December, when they wear their elven costumes. Magic and mystery are key words in many of their activities. The movement's been linked to Neopagan religions and cults such as Wicca.

The Lovian Elven Circle is actively involved in the fight for LGBT-rights and a clean environment. They are outspoken pacifist.

Lovian Elven Party Edit

The Lovian Elven Party is a minor party running in some elections. They have never obtained any political representation, and usually only get a vote small share of the votes.

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