Alpha Press Association
Alpha logo
Name Alpha Press Association
Type non-profit cooperative
Product news
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded July 23 2008 by Yuri Medvedev
Owner(s) Hurbanova Novine (20%)
Headquarters Seal of Old Port Old Port, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven,
Seal of Kings Kings
Profit none

The Alpha Press Association, is a Lovian cooperative news agency. Alpha is a corporation owned by its contributing newspapers, radio and television of Lovia, which contribute material to Alpha. Also, some newspapers and broadcasters from abroad use Alpha material, paying a fee and thus without being contributive members of the cooperation.

Policy Edit

Since Alpha is a cooperative owned agency, all direct contributors (members!) gain a percentage of the stocks. They also pay a relative small amount of money for their membership. In exchange, they can use media from any other member of the association. All newpapers, radio and television can join the press association. Also, a few magazines might be permitted. All material can be used freely within the association, however the copyrights legaly remain with the author. With the profit Alpha makes, media are bought from non-Lovian press agencies.

Members Edit

Currently, there are no members. We will start to look for members ourself soon, but you can also make a request on our talkpage yourself.

The Alpha Press Association has also connections with the following press agencies:

Governance Edit

The Alpha Press Association is cooperative owned by the following people and organised media:

The Alpha Press Association is for the bigger part owned by Founders Inc. Yuri Medvedev is CEO of the organisation and governs the agency in general. The following functions make also part of the association:

  • CEO of the Alpha PA: Yuri Medvedev - governs the agency in general
  • president of the publishing devision: Yuri Medvedev - publishes the media.
  • president of the media devision: ... - establishes and maintains the relationships with our members.
  • president of the abroad devision: ... - establishes and maintains the relationships with other agencies.

If you are interested in one of these functions, you can make a request on our talkpage.

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