The Museum of Art keeps a temporary collection of works on loan from other museum worldwide.

From the Vaults of the Ramsley FamilyEdit

"From the Vaults of the Ramsley Family" is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of rare works of Art owned by the Ramsley Family. This exhibit will run from the 20th of May to early August. Below are a few of the works to be exhibited.

Group of SevenEdit

The Group of Seven was a group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s, originally consisting of Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, A. Y. Jackson, Franz Johnston, Arthur Lismer, J. E. H. MacDonald, and Frederick Varley. Tom Thomson (who died in 1917) was also closely associated with the Group of Seven, though he wasn't an official members. The Group of Seven is most famous for its paintings of the Canadian landscape.

This collection is on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Canada and the National Museum of Art in Brunant.


A temporary exhibit on fruit is being shown until June 2012. Many of the paintings are older, but ther are a few pop art ones as well.

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