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People's Channel is a Lovian television making and broadcasting company that was founded in 2008 as a local television station. It makes its own programs and originally broadcasted in Noble City as the Noble City Broadcasting Company (NCBC). As of 2010 it started to broadcast trough various other local stations, extending its reach to cover almost entire Lovia. The People's Channel - in the logo subsequently spelled as 'peoples channel' - is known for its cultural and political shows and has lifted local media in general to a higher level. Harold Freeman, director of People's Channel Media, stated that his company makes 'television for and by the people'.

Television channels Edit

People's Channel has two broadcasting channels, Channel One and Channel Two. Channel One is the original and major channel and it focuses on politics, talk shows and news. The most renowned programs of Channel One are People's Channel Congress, a weekly report of political events with Sarah Benson, and So To Say, a talk show on various media topics hosted by Amy Johnson. Channel Two was added after the 2010 name change and features various shows related to culture in general. It broadcasts plays and musical acts from time to time and also has several comedy shows. Most notable are London Calling and The King and I. Besides this, Channel Tow also has films scheduled in the evening.

Television making Edit

People's Channel tries to create most of its broadcasted media by itself, but it also buys material from American (U.S.) and British television stations. A non-exhaustive list can be found here:

  • Channel One
  • Channel Two
    • Under The Sea: cultural magazine with Lars Washington
    • London Calling: comedy show about history
    • The King and I: satirical show on Lovia
  • LTV cooperation

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