The Fact Feed is a Lovian online news feed that limits its activities to "listing news facts, and facts alone." They require each fact to be verifiable by including the source. The Fact Feed was founded by Sawyer Hillbilly on January 13, 2011 to meet the requirements of journalism ethics and standards, and to serve as a reliable source for other Lovian and international media in its own right. The editors encourage other newspapers to cite The Fact Feed or to use its feed entries to write full articles.

The founding of the newspaper met with a great deal of support from the Lovian community. Arthur Jefferson in particular commented that he approved of 'the idea of a "fact feed" as the exclusive terrain of reason and truth, without trespassing opinions.' The King, as well as citizens such as Martha Van Ghent and Percival E. Galahad complimented and encouraged Hillbilly. Semyon Breyev, however, was rather critical, stating, 'Just because this project is made up of short sentences rather than whole articles and is called 'The Fact Feed' doesn't make it less biased than other papers in this country. This is most certainly a left-wing publication, and in fact, the lack of detailed commentary makes it more dangerous to a gullible reader than a quality center-left paper such as TNCT.'

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Newest entries first. Maximum length per entry is three lines. Major news facts first reported in The Fact Feed are marked "scoop".

January 20:

  • NewScoop CONGRESS - Johnson and HRH initiate a debate about introducing secret voting in Lovian elections. The idea has received support from various politicians. It is agreed upon the topic needs to be explored further.[1]
  • New POLITICS - Marcus Villanova proposed to create a joint Christian-democratic website. The idea is renounced by Hannis, whereas Ilava suggests creating a website additional to the websites of PCP and CCPL.[2]

January 19:

  • POLITICS - Andy McCandless resigns as Governor of Oceana, citing hospitalization. The message is spread by Oos Wes Ilava, who will be succeeding McCandless.[3]

January 18:

  • CONGRESS - Yuri Medvedev has started writing on the Financial Outline Act, that will provide Lovia with a definition of what a tax is.[4]
  • Scoop ELECTIONS - Donia thinks he "must now leave politics": "I will now lose the elections and Yuri will win. The CCPL is dead and we lost."[5]
  • Scoop ELECTIONS - In the past six days, Ygo August Donia has asked citizen Egor Batzloff at least 13 times[6][7][8][9] explicitly to vote for him and/or the CCPL. "Please now cast you votes in Lovia." Batzloff has not cast any votes for CCPL at the moment.

January 17:

  • NewScoop POLITICS - Harold Freeman, until January 31st officially with the Liberal Union[10], has joined the Liberal Arts Party.[11]
  • NewScoop ELECTIONS - King Dimitri "apologize[s] if I got personally involved in all that's happened" in the elections. He "will be ready for constructive debate and compromise", regardless of the election results.[12]
  • New ELECTIONS - Liberal Harold Freeman says he finds the temporary results of the elections "unexpected."[13]
  • NewScoop ELECTIONS - Donia yesterday told Justin Abrahams (Walden) he "will become" PM if he gets Justin's Major Vote. He promised him to "surely take care of his allies" when it comes to "[deciding] who gets which position in government."[14]

January 16:

  • Scoop CONGRESS - Jon Johnson (CPL.nm) has brought the topic of political rights (as opposed to civil rights) to the First Chamber.[15]
  • MONARCHY - King Dimitri I of Lovia is now married to Queen Mary Elisabeth, becoming Lovia's first queen since 1956.[16]
  • CONGRESS - Medvedev has asked Congress to read two of his new social legislation proposals.[17]
  • CONGRESS - Yuri Medvedev is preparing at least two more social legislation bills on labor and social security.[18]
  • Scoop POLITICS - Cristian Latin considers introducing a "voting code" in his party CCPL, that would get all members to vote along party lines.[19]
  • Scoop ELECTIONS - Donia "changed [his] mind": he announces he does want to be the country's next Prime Minister.[20]
  • Scoop ELECTIONS - Jon Johnson calls the influx of "foreign voters" a problem that might result in a "government that few Lovian will actually support". He calls for legal measures to control the influx.[21]
  • Scoop ELECTIONS - Donia proposes to endorse Marcus Villanova (now PCP) as PM candidate: "Tell me... would you like me to become our nation's PM? Because three more people might give me their major votes." Villanova agrees.[22]
  • ELECTIONS - La Quotidienne finds it likely CCPL wil deliver the next PM: "CCPL seems in very strong shape, and will very likely earn the position of PM."[23]

January 15:

  • Scoop ELECTIONS - Donia has endorsed Medvedev as PM candidate yesterday: "I believe him to be more capable of leading [our] nation. I cannot unite right and left, christian and atheist. That requires a different personality and much more expierence in the field."[24]
  • SYLVANIA - Governor Martha Van Ghent is reforming Downtown Noble City, as she has already reformed Bayside and Clave Rock.[25]
  • Scoop POLITICS - Medvedev proposes to cooperate with Walden "in some kind of coalition" in order to "become the largest faction in parliament".[26] Van Ghent and McCandless react positively.[27]
  • ELECTIONS - Yuri Medvedev announces: "I'm not going to be PM under a conservative Congress".[28]

January 14:

January 13:

January 12:

  • CONGRESS - The Jefferson amendment was met with support from HRH King Dimitri, PM Yuri Medvedev, Cristian Latin, Oos Wes Ilava, Edward Hannis, Marcus Villanova, and Martha Van Ghent.[34]
  • CONGRESS - Member of the Congress Arthur Jefferson proposes an amendment to the Constitution that would give Congress the authority to confirm the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge. The bill also includes several other changes in this terrain.[35]

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The Fact Feed only includes verifiable news facts from reliable sources. Feed entries without references are not published.

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