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"What about a red line", Medvedev said. "Good idea", the capitalists said. "We'll defeat them using their own color!"
"Yes we jerrycan!" - Obama on a certain oil spill in a sea we don't like too much, because it's American.

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Junks fear for drug supply as Szóhad reopened debate

Street art by Ferenc Szóhad

F*** you, Americans

July 1, NOBLE CITY - Today, the NLS proposed a new bill in the First Chamber, full of long forgotten issues about alcohol and narcotics, and reopening the debate about the capitalist laborers medicine. Szóhad opened with stricter rules about alcohol by rewriting an already existing bill, and eventually added laws for narcotics as well. The First Chamber is discussing the matter right now, and probably in a few days time the bill will pass on to the Second Chamber.
The bill fills gaps in the Federal Law, now full of holes - with special credits to the capitalists. Stricter rules for alcohol use are proposed, as well as new rules for the use of narcotics, a subject not discussed before, and a subject lacking proper rules. The law is going to be a succes, according to us, as PM Medevedev pointed out in the First Chamber: "I can find myself in this law".
In addition to the new proposals concerning drugs and alcohol, Ferenc Szóhad designed together with David York two other bills, concerning customs and copyright. "We don't want to get nearer to the American way of lawmaking, but we certainly need more and better rules concerning copyright matters", thus pointed out David York in a talk with TRM. "All three bills will pass on to the Second Chamber in a few days", thus said Szóhad, "but first we need to look at it in more detail and add some more rules concerning medical use, since several MPs already complained about the lack of rules about that certain topic in the bill". He continued, responding on fears of the copyleft organisation that Lovia will loose its "free for all" policy: "we are not a banana republic, and certainly not a place for obscure organisations with impossible demands."

What next?

May 29, NOBLE CITY - What is going to happen? How is the congress going to look like? Since it's already clear who is going to become MOTC, we provide some tables to make it all clear:

Congress before the mid-terms:

████████████████████ Liberal Democrats (30%)

████████████████████ Communist Party (20%)

████████████████████ Walden Libertarian (20%)

████████████████████ Independent (20%)

████████████████████ Conservative Party (10%)

██████████████████ 20% left - 70% center - 10% right

Congress after the mid-terms

████████████████████████████████ ↓ Liberal Democrats (25%)

████████████████████████████████ ↓ Communist Party (18%)

████████████████████████████████ ↓ Walden Libertarians (18%)

████████████████████████████████ Independents (18%)

████████████████████████████████ ↓ Conservative Party (6%)

████████████████████████████████ ↑ Center-leftists (6%)

████████████████████████████████ ↑ New Socialists (6%)

████████████████████████████████ 30% left - 64% center - 6% right

New parties jump in and take away some percentages of the established ones; no significant changes in the Congressional balance. Most popular parties (or is it candidates?) are WLP and LD; leftist forces grow big time!

☭ Website for the marxists ☭

Comrade Kitten
May 28, KINLEY - Our dear commie neighbors of the CPL.nm opened their own website! We were quite eager to have a look, and so we did. It looks great! We laughed a lot, because it is quite well written, in a humorist way of writing. The website consists of a serious and a fun side, both entertaining and interesting, though the humor can be a bit over the top. Acoording to the website, the whole lot is run by comrade Meow, a fictional pussycat. The main page states:
"Welcome dear comrade! This is the official website of the Communist Party of Lovia. The party uses this website to give her view on the news and to explain and propagate her ideas. Interested? Then have a look at 'The Critical Side'. The site is moderated by Chairman Meow, who occasionally leaves fun stuff like comics, songs and reviews of movies and books at 'The Fun Side'. Be sure to watch out as this site develops!"
An idea pops up... Maybe the New Lovian Socialists need a website as well? We are curious. David York already said that he is going to design the whole lot.

Hessel Doorian quits his preservation of silence in trial

May 28, NEWHAVEN - Hessel Doorian finally gave up and begun speaking in he trial. Slowly, in a sophisticated manner he answered the questions of the plaintiff. Sophisticated. But not less racist.

Szóhad now 4th out 7 in exit polls

May 28, NEWHAVEN - Szohad recoverde from a dramatic begin in thr exit polls, now having more votes than Evans and Villanova, as well as McCrooke, who withdrew his candidacy in the Mid-term Elections, 2010 a few days ago. It's likely that Szohad has reached its highest point, because it's clear that the people who didn't voted yet, will not vote at all. King Dimitri still isn't sure what he's going to vote. Traditionally, he waits to the last day, to keep the influence of his vote low, and to watch and study the MOTC candidates' campaigns carefully. Hope you'll vote NLS, comrade!

Szóhad elected!

May 25, KINLEY - The NLS members cheered, when Ferenc Szóhad entered the headquarters of our party. We have been elected! Medvedev gave in and cancelled the Red Line, breaking the way free for us to the congress. Ferenc Szóhad gave a short speech: "We have been elected, comrades, I say this in plural, because I want to make clear that I'll function as a spokesman for you all. This is a bright day for the socialism in Lovia!" He added: "But, but I want to make sure that you all know we are in the congress thanks to PM Medvedev." He went on, saying: "It's a clear sign that we aren't ready yet, that we are still not solely dependent on our voters, but on the goodwill of others in the congress. It shows us, that we still need to work. Not on our 'allure' or other 'hollow' things, but we need to reach our goals, do our duty, serve the country, and improve the life of the average Lovian!"

Szóhad demands cancellation of the Red Line

Mid-elections, LQ 23 May

Then, the bloody thing was introduced...

May 25, KINLEY - Ferenc Szóhad wrote PM Yuri Medvedev an e-mail demanding the cancellation of the so-called notorious Red Line. Because of the retirement in the elections of Pierlot McCrooke a few minutes before the e-mail was sent, things changed considerably in the elections. The NLS is now last in row, and will be the only party to be left out of the congress.
"Pierlot McCrooke retired in the elections today. I think it's fair to cancel the Red Line, since I'm the only one who is going to be out of congress because of one missing vote. I'm not insisting on it, but it would be nice if you did so.", thus wrote Ferenc Szóhad today. The prime minister agreed since he considered leaving one person out of Congress 'way too nasty to do'.

"I don't give a Naranja"

May 24, NOBLE CITY - That's what the spokesman of the New Lovian Socialists said this morning about the fact that the party probably won't make it in the Congress, according to the Noble City Times. "Since the NLS is too strong to lose", declared the spokesman, "we'll probably make it." He later added: "if it's either this elections or the next one, I don't care..."

Subscriptions reach 2,500

May 23, NOBLE CITY - The amount of subscriptions to the TRM has reached the 2,500, hours after the first edition was released. About 76% of the subscriptions is by Lovians, of which a few hundred are member of the New Lovian Socialists. "I like their mix of opinions and news. Also, their foreign news is excellent.", thus said a reader.
The internet edition (this edition), only accessible by readers, has been visited by 2,345 individual readers. The paper edition is now available at some kiosks as well. "I is sellin' ev'rything thos nutta's buy", thus said a owner of a newspaper stand. Others had more profound opinions. "I like the design, and it perfectly fits the assortiment of my stand", thus said another stand owner.

Carter to China

May 23, BEIJING - Today, Damian Carter traveled to China to study Communism in Beijing. He was invited by Hu Jintao himself, who is very interested in the smallest country with an active communist party in the world. The party secretary originally was going to be accompanied by Ferenc Szóhad, but due to recent changes in the election polls, Szóhad decided to stay home in favor of his party. "It would be a little strange if I would leave at the most critical moment. People could start thinking strange things about me", thus said our party leader. Damian Carter is now on his way to China together with David York, who managed to finish his new party poster just in time, one hour before leaving our country.
Szóhad asked Carter explicitly to write a report about his stay. Also Abdulla Al Felem is going to stay in contact with Damian Carter and David York.

Castro Reads TRM

Castro reads

Castro reading his copy if The Red Morning

May 23, HAVANA - After the official first edition copy of The Red Morning rolled of the press, the amount of subscriptions rose rapidly. With about 2,000 people buying the newspaper on a daily basis it is amongst the most read political publications of the country. Because of its obvious political orientation the newspaper has a lot of adversaries but the amount of officials supporting the newspaper is undeniably high. Our very own Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev reads a copy with his daily morning coffee and even abroad we score well. Fidel Castro, leader of one of the five remaining communist states Cuba, reads our foreign news online. 'Finally something to practice my English without poisoning my mind' the liberator commented. We are also working on a deal to publish in the People's Republic of China.

New Campaign Poster

MAY 23, NOBLE CITY - Maybe you already noticed. We have a new campaign poster. The old one clearly didn't express our red opinions, so the honorable David York was willing to design a new one, in order to solve the problem of our low level of votes in the elections. The design can be seen on the right, in the Visual Corner. Like Ferenc Szóhad expressed himself: "What a wonderful design, it fits our red shine in the darkness of capitalism", which is exactly how we are feeling about it at the redaction.
For the people who want to know why the font of the two words NLS is different compared to the party logo: "our logo didn't fit the design too well, I discovered during the process of designing the poster", thus said David York.

Van Ghent going to win

MAY 23, NOBLE CITY - Well, Lovia has undergone a revolution. For the first time a woman is leading the the exit polls! Probably she'll end up having the most votes of all MOTC candidates. It's a revolution! And we commies like revolutions, you all know. In this way we want to congratulate M. Van Ghent with her expected membership of the congress. But don't applaud to early. Everything can change in a moment, thanks to all the American voting influences in politics.

The dictature of the Red Line

Mid-terms 2010 progress
MAY 23, NOBLE CITY - Since we are 6th in line, out of 7 MOTC candidates, we'll probably don't make it in the congress. The guide lines of the voting process promised us a place in the congress when would have reached a certain, not on the results of the rest depending standard, but now we need to end up at the first five! Ridiculous. Our place in the congress is stolen by the Red Line. Defeated by our own color. This isn't democracy! This Red Line was made up by one man only. This can't be right. We need to protest against this, comrades.

Hessel Doorian put on trial!

Hessel Doorian
MAY 23, NOBLE CITY - The trial has begun. Hessel Doorian will soon face his own violations of the constitution. Our hearts are filled with joy, seeing the once so migty leader losing all his pride, and falling back in silence. Ferenc Szóhad declared this morning, reported by our reporters:
"We all know, Hessel Doorian and their IGP-gang are a dangerous, nazi group. But, since they won't speak up in their trial, which is run by Medvedev and his capitalists, we won't come any closer to cropping this fascistic sentiments. Hence, we should come in action and forbid their party without a trial! They have ideas that go against the constitution, meaning their party will be forbidden for sure. We don't need a trial for this. It's only symbolism. It's clear they can't exist any longer. The people of Lovia can't stand this nazism. Let the people speak, and hear them saying what we already said for ages!
I greet you, comrades"
The trial is now stuck on the preservation of silence by Hessel Doorian, who declared that he didn't want to speak to the judges who are "paid by the leftist bastards".


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"Yeah, I have been elected!" - Ferenc Szóhad on his election as MOTC
"An election is a race! Only six days to go!" - King Dimitri on the exciting elections
"Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I only drink virgin mojito's and ice teas" - Yuri Medvedev on mojitos
"..." - Hessel Doorian on his nazi sentiments
"The NLS logo is written in Bauhaus 93 typeface" - David York on his fontaholicism
"I always did wonder what a trip on LSD would look like" - Yuri Medvedev on LSD


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