Working Families Party
Working Families Party
Abbreviation WFP, Working Families
Chairman Thomas Schweitzer
Founded 2011
Disbanded 2011
Ideology progressivism, modern liberalism
Spectrum Centre-left
Lovian Politics
Predecessor none
Successor Labour Party
Close to LDP, PCP
Far from CCPL, UNS

The Working Families Party was an American-Lovian liberal-progressive party founded by the sons of important American politicians, Thomas Schweitzer and Thomas Inouye. Both grew up in America but now live in Lovia. The WFP merged with the Socialist Progressive Party and Social Democratic Party to form the Labour Party in November 2011.

Founding Edit

Thomas Schweitzer came to Lovia in 2008 to spread the word of american liberalism. One newspaper called it "a man on a mission" others didn't like it, saying, "it sounds like America wants to come in here and make it a territory" which may have lead to the growing popularity later of the NLS's view on anti-americanism. Both Thomases are very articulate and attended important colleges in america, and grew their base for progressive and american liberalism, in the Train Village and Noble City areas. It was offically founded in 2011 after a long meeting with both American-Lovians. The party mainfesto and other details were planned out and settled. The party name was also chosen and both agreed it needed an "American" name with a more powerful name.

Special Federal Election 2011 Edit

Both founders and main members ran in the special elections and did very well both getting elected. This was the first election for the party, and represented the party for the first time, receiving three seats in Congress.

Merge into Labour PartyEdit

The WFP, along with the Socialist Progressive Party and the Social Democratic Party merged into the Labour Party to provide a more powerful leftist front after the retirement of Yuri Medvedev from politics. Labour won the most seats in the 2012 Federal elections.

Former Members Edit

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