Name int.lo
Product Lovian internet services
Origin Lovia
Founded 2011

.lo is an internet ccTLD administered by Internet Lovia (int.lo).

While .lo is considered to be Lovia's own webspace, many Lovians choose to create regular .com websites that are not affiliated with Internet Lovia.

A domain may be purchased from http://int.lo. Registration fees are $8 Lovian dollars. There is no censorship on .lo; theoretically a congressional majority could order the decommissioning of a website, but such an action could be viewed as a violation of the constitution.

The ccTLD was introduced in 1996.

Subdivisions/Categorized .lo's (Second level domains) Edit

Generally, websites use the first level domain, with no second level domain. However, the following second level domains are also available:

  • .gov.lo - Government websites (though it receives little use)
  • .edu.lo - Educational institutes
  • .org.lo - Organizations
  • .net.lo - Network
  • .ad.lo - Required advertisement website domain
  • .hs.lo - Required hosting website domain
  • .free.lo - Free websites for personal and non-commercial use
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