The 2010 State Reform was a major reform of the Lovian Constitution and Federal Law, and had been the subject of election promises and long negotiations in the first half of 2010, until the 2010 State Reform Bill by King Dimitri I of Lovia was proposed to Congress on July 31st, and approved by August 29th. It is the greatest reform of the structure of the Lovian branches and levels of government since the 2007 Constitution was signed into law. The 2010 State Reform heavily influenced the national political system, bringing about such changes as the abolishment of state courts and police corps, the creation of a Deputy Governor along the Governor (both democratically elected), and severely limiting of state competencies. Whereas Lovia was a unitary state with not-so democratic, but rather powerful states from September 2007 to August 2010, because states were not weakened after the centralization of Lovia in 2007, the nation now is a centralized, unitary state with five states that are only entitled to govern at a local level. The State Reform has made Lovia's states comparable to either counties or municipalities in other countries.

The parts of the 2010 State Reform that altered the Constitution are referred to as the Sixth Amendment.

The bill was motioned in Congress in several distinct parts. Each part was approved by Congress, by majorities ranging between 78.6% of the voting Members to 100%.

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