2013 was a common year starting on Tuesday. It was preceded by 2012 and succeeded by 2014.

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  • May
    • 15 - Donia Coup takes place, then-king Dimitri is driven from his Noble City palace. Coup fails but the King loses popularity.
  • August
    • 30 - King Dimitri steps up and becomes Prince Dimitri. His brother Prince Alexander waves all rights to the throne. The immensely popular Civil War veteran Sebastian, Dimitri and Alex' cousin, ascends to the throne as King Sebastian I of Lovia.
  • September
    • 11 - A corruption scandal in local politics causes CCPL-Member of Congress Jonathan Kelmný to step down. His seat in Congress is taken over by ex-Prime Minister Ygo August Donia who hereby makes his comeback in the political arena following an accident.

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