Name Adlibitan Island
Language(s) English
State Seven
Archipelago Nations Archipelago
Highest point 267 m
Lovia - Adlibitan Island - Foxtail Barley

Foxtail barley on Adlibitan Island.

Adlibitan Island is the most northern island of the Central Nation Archipelago and one of the seven islands of the state of Seven. It's named after Adlibita.

Due to the fact large areas of the island are covered with the Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum) the island is mostly uninhabited, with the exception of the small hamlet of Lemburg on the southeastern coast.

Landscape Edit

This small island is very green, has beautiful small sandy beaches and rolling hills. The island has 31 inhabitants[1]. Nicholas Sheraldin owns a secluded mansion on the island.

Foxtail barley Edit

Large areas of the island are covered with Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum) which is extremely difficult to eradicate. Its extensive root systems and aggressive habit, as well as its ability to tolerate saline soils make it a resilient competitor. It is considered a weed because of this competitive ability and the dangers it poses to wildlife and livestock. While Foxtail barley may be palatable for animals in early spring before it flowers, its seed heads, when dry, are very harmful to grazing animals. The awns with upward-pointing barbs become easily attached and embedded in the animal’s mouth and face, causing severe irritation, abscesses, and even blindness. Foxtail barley is also host to a number of viruses, and because it harbours wheat rust and blackstem rust, can indirectly affect the development of field crops. Since Foxtail barley accumulates high amounts of salt in its leaves and roots, it has the potential of reducing soil salinity.

Given Foxtail barley’s ability to withstand saline soils, it has been identified as having potential for the revegetation of saline mine spoils to reduce erosion. It has also been recommended as a species suitable for wildlife habitat rehabilitation on disturbed lands, but given its other less desirable traits, other natural grass species would be more beneficial.

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  1. Seven Demographic Center
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