Always write first is a poem (or oem) by the Lovian poet Yuri Medvedev. It is said that this poem expresses the unexpressed love of the poet. It is one of the poets' most recent works. Medvedev said that, at first, he hadn't planned to publish it. He was however persuaded by others to do so. When published, the poet changed one thing: he replaced the second word, originally a name, by 'you'. It is still unclear who the poet is referring to in these lines.

Theme and style Edit

In contrast with all of his other poems, this one doesn't express a certain idea or philosophy of the poet. Also, this is the first poem by Medvedev that hasn't a metrum; it is a 'shapeless poem', as he reffered to it himself. It is more alike to the (neo)romantic style than other poems written by Medvedev. In contrary to real romantic poems, this one does have rhyme. A lot of people think that this poem is a bad move of the poet, that has always been seen as one of the most prominent figures in the world of structural poetry.

The poem is signed with "On you I swear my oath." It is thought that this could be a clue for finding the person to wich the poem is dedicated too.

Further, the poem starts with Oh, linking to the popular Lovian poetry movement, oetry.

The poem Edit

Oh you, it surely is most fit
that in this poem thy name be first writ,
And I have other reasons for so doing
- your appearance me pursuing -
Besides my love of contradiction
My muse, you give me truth nor fiction.

Oh, I have no other thought than you
And oh, why do I not do …
Say nothing, write less - what must I be a fool,
Being ignorant of one important rule,
Endued with neither sense, nor art,
Always write first things uppermost in the heart.

On you, I swear my oath.

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