Constitution April 2010

The April 2010 version of the Constitution, including the first four amendments

An amendment is a change made to a pending motion or bill by a motion to amend, or to a previously adopted law or motion. In Lovia, it is almost exclusively used as a synonym of a constitutional amendment, a change made to a written constitution. Article 7 of the Lovian Constitution defines an amendment as "a motion to amend the Constitution". It requires a special majority of more than two thirds, so at least 66.67% (prior to 2010: 75%).

List of Constitutional amendments Edit

In the course of recent history, fourteenamendments have been made to the 2007 Constitution:

  1. First Amendment, fixing word choices and unclearities
  2. Second Amendment, stressing the unitarity of the national state
  3. Third Amendment, reforming citizenship registration and reviewing the executive power of the ruling monarch and Prime Minister
  4. Fourth Amendment, settling language matters
  5. Fifth Amendment, reforming federal election voting procedures
  6. Sixth Amendment or 2010 State Reform, reforming the states, including the abolishment of state courts, state police, and introducing Deputy Governors
  7. Seventh Amendment, giving all citizens the right to three residences
  8. Eighth Amendment, introducing a Congressional Journal
  9. Ninth Amendment, reforming the appointment and dismission procedures for Supreme Court Judges
  10. Tenth Amendment or 2011 State Reform, reforming Congress, the Prime Minister, the position of the ruling monarch, and giving rights to fair trials
  11. Eleventh Amendment, reformed the judiciary system and made the King a non-voting MOTC.
  12. Twelfth Amendment
  13. Thirteenth Amendment
  14. Fourteenth Amendment, significantly reformed the electoral system as well as housing
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Constitution April 2010

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