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Amy Cheyenne Identity
Amy Cheyenne
Name Amy Cheyenne
Full name Amanda "Amy" J. Tuck
Sex Female Female
Born September 2, 1979, United States Glendale, AZ
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Singer, songwriter, musician

Amy Cheyenne is the stage name of Amanda J. Tuck (Glendale, September 2, 1979), who is an American-born Lovian country and western musician and singer. She broke through in 1999 with the country rock hit Baby Blue.

Personal life Edit

Very little is known of Amanda Tuck's private life. In 2003, she is known to have had a short relationship with Barry Tucker, who is now a radio host at West Wave.

Musical career Edit

In 1996, Amanda Tuck bought her first guitar and began entertaining her fellow students at school by singing and playing. It was her only means of making friends. In 1997, Amanda bought her first Gibson guitar for $50. At her aunt's behest, Amanda listened to old country and western albums, and soon began practicing the songs of these discs and performing them publicly. She also began teaching herself the ukulele, and before long began singing for her classmates. One of her very earliest public performances was at a retreat in Clave Rock for youth group from Noble City.

She broke through in the Winter of 1997, at the age of 18, when she performed in a Newhaven pub and was widely recognized as a talented artist. At that time she was already writing her own songs. She recorded them in February 1998 on her first studio album Amy Cheyenne for Lovilago West. The album didn't do well in the music stores. In the Summer of 1998 she began writing her second album, including many covers, and she recorded the album Rusty Love in October. The album became a true hit and became her final breakthrough. Two of the songs were published as singles, Baby Blue and Mid 1969 in Dixie

Discography Edit

Studio and live albums Edit

Amy Cheyenne (album)

Her debute album Amy Cheyenne

Rusty Love

Rusty Love, Cheyenne's breakthrough album

  1. 1998 - Amy Cheyenne
  2. 1998 - Rusty Love
  3. 1999 - Amy Cheyenne/3
  4. 2000 - Heartbreakers Club
  5. 2002 - Infirmary
  6. 2004 - The American West
  7. 2006 - Joshua
  8. 2009 - Amy's Holiday Blues (in post-production)
  9. 2011 - The Mountain

Singles Edit

  1. 1998 - Baby Blue
  2. 1998 - Mid 1969 in Dixie
  3. 1999 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ft. Robbie Robertson
  4. 2000 - Heartbreakers Club
  5. 2000 - Mr Smith
  6. 2004 - Not You Doll
  7. 2005 - Exhausting Love
  8. 2006 - Tombstone
  9. 2006 - Queen Valley
  10. 2012 - Dead Letter Blues (remix)

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