Andreas van Velthoven

The Statue of Andreas in the Trading Quarter

Andreas van Velthoven (other spellings: Andreas Van Velthoven and Andreas van Velt Hoven) was a Lovian mythological figure, nicknamed the Lion. He was invented by parents at the end of the 19th century to teach their children values and morals.

Andreas "the Lion" van Velthoven Edit

According to the stories, Andreas was a Dutch-Libertan explorer. He discovered the most southern point of Peace Island in the early 17th century. He was nicknamed the Lion because of his enormous bravery and courage. He called the land Nova Libertas and experienced many adventures in the woods of Peace Island and in the Pacific Ocean.

Legacy Edit

The stories are known as myths but still Andreas' name pops up all over the nation. Especially in the Noble City neighborhood Trading Quarter, the myth is still alive. There is a statue of him in the neighborhood: the Statue of Andreas.

Stories Edit

Some of the known stories about Andreas 'the Lion' are:

Literature Edit

The stories of Andreas made their way to literature as well and these novels or prosaic books are about the mythological Lion:

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