Andrew Villanova Identity
Name Andrew Villanova
Full name Andrew Ernst Villanova
Sex Male Male
Born December 20th, 1994, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Languages English

Andrew Villanova is a Lovian musician from the Villanova Family and lead guitarist for First Fold Then Tear.

Life Edit

Andrew was born December 20th, 1994 to Carla Villanova and Frank Villanova. He started playing the guitar around the age of five, and is said to "master" it at the age of eight. In 2008 he was playing in a pub when My Chemical Romance guitarist Frakie Ireo heard him playing and decided to make a band with him First Fold Then Tear. They had there first hit with there EP I Wish and have had more success when they released another EP Crimson Skies.

Music Style Edit

His style goes from rap to metal rock, and anything inbetween. There first EP was more rap with a back tracking with some rock. But there second album was more rock with hits like Go!. They plan to take a more rock approach to there following albums, but Andrew Villanova's solo carrer is going to take a more rap/pop style. Andrew is going to tour as a solo artist later in December with Lady Gaga singing acoustic versions of her songs.

Political Life Edit

Andrew is openly gay and is a member of the Labour Party. He is an atheist and was elected in the special elections in 2011, with the Labour Party.

His husband Dennis Villanova is also apart of the Labour Party, leading the Seven Labour Party and is a member in the Seven State Council.

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