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The Animal Rights Party is one of several testimonial parties in Lovia. It was founded in June 2011. The ARP held one seat in the 2012 Congress and 2013 Congress, but was narrowly unable to receive a seat in 2014. Voters are mostly concentrated in forested or urban areas. Other than issues relating to animal rights, the party supports increased protection of land, progressive taxation, universal healthcare and education, LGBT rights, and has a pro-choice stance when it comes to abortion and euthanasia. In Congress, the Animal Rights Party is part of the leftist block.

Views Edit

Other than the animal rights issues, the views of the party are similar to those of the Labour Party and Green Party.

  • New laws protecting the rights of animals, including humane slaughter and anti-abuse and neglect laws.
  • More national parks and natural areas should be created to preserve Lovia's land.
  • Laws should be passed protecting the water from pollution and overfishing.
  • An agency taking care of homeless pets and putting them up for adoption should be created.
  • Immigrants should be allowed living in Lovia faster.
  • Lovia should establish more international ties with other wikinations.
  • The economy should be free, but the government should interfere to stop monopolies and unfair practices by businesses.
  • Healthcare and education should universal and free.
  • There must be a social security to protect the poorer citizens of Lovia.
  • We support that euthanasia, abortion, prostitution and drugs are legal. However, they should be regulated and taxed, and the tobacco and alcohol laws should be made more flexible.
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