Seal of Artista

Flag of Artista

Name Artista
Hexacode AR / SY-NC-AR
Population 5,634
Location Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Next to Seal of Downtown Downtown, Seal of New Town New Town, Seal of Citizen Corner Citizen Corner
Nicknames Artistas, Tistas,
Les Montagnards, Mores

Artista is a Noble City neighborhood in the west of the city. Artista is known to most people as a quiet and green neighborhood with a rich history of artists living here. The broad though cosy avenues bordered by sycamore trees, such as Freedom Avenue (west), the neighborhood's trademark. In 2007 and 2008 the neighborhood was totally renewed and updated. The neighborhood is one of the most hilly of the city.

Neighborhood map Edit

Seal of Citizen Corner Citizen Corner
Hill and forest
Painters Hill
Painters Hill Elementary
_ Poetry Street
*1 Villanova Family
_ Poetry Street
The Kemburger
26 Democracy Avenue
*2 Marion Evans and Elisabeth Lewis
24 Democracy Avenue
Aina Sarria
23 Language Street
Gamer Corner
28 Democracy Avenue
The Pub
22 Culture Street
Wake Coffee
22 Democracy Avenue
Democracy Avenue
Artista Community House
26 Freedom Avenue
ProLaw Firm
27 Democracy Avenue
Painting Square
25 Democracy Avenue
Blue Heron Heights
23 Democracy Avenue
The General Contractors
21 Democracy Avenue
Railway Station

28 Freedom Avenue
Visit Brunant
22 Culture Street
Atenis NC
_ Language Street
Fountain Love
24 Freedom Avenue
Phaluhm Phoueck Embassy
22 Freedom Avenue
20 Freedom Avenue
West Noble Elementary School
18 Freedom Avenue
Freedom Avenue
Sand Garden
31 Freedom Avenue
Robin Ferguson
29 Freedom Avenue
Yard Family
27 Freedom Avenue
Halley Tower
25 Freedom Avenue
West Noble High School
23 Freedom Avenue
Sawyer Hillbilly
21 Freedom Avenue
William Krosby
_ Poetry Street
Arthur Sythey
23 Culture Street
Seal of New Town New Town
  • *1 - [[Poetry|}

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