Asian Island Map 1

Asian Island, the most northern island of the archipelago

Asian Island is the third largest island of Lovia. It's also the northernmost island. It is known for his historic position. It was discovered by Asians on their way to California and is named after them by King Arthur I. Most of Asian Island's inhabitants are of mixed Caucasian-Asian ancestry. Asian Island was also known to have been the location of the Lashawn Farm of Sir John Lashawn and his wife Betty. Asian Island has a rich cultural and historical background.

The most northernmost point of Asian Island is George's Point.

Towns Edit

  • Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, town in the south of Asian Island
  • Plains seal proposal Plains, town in the north of Asian Island

Transportation Edit

Asian island

View of the northern coast of Asian Island

Asian Island has an airport; the Clymene State Airport. A harbor in Sofasi is under construction.

Trivia Edit

The Tsukuyomi Shrine is located in the central forests of the island.

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