Bart Koenen Identity
Bart Koenen
Name Bart Koenen
Full name Bart Har Jozèf Koenen
Sex Male Male
Born 6 June 1993, Saenteim, Flag of Mäöres Mäöres
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions architect, urban developer, politician
Languages Limburgish, English, Dutch, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Bart Koenen (IPA: [ˈbɑ̀r̥t ˈkùnːɐ]) is a Mäöreser politician, Lovian congressperson and urban planner who has worked in Lovia on the urban development of two neighborhoods: Millstreet and Drake Town. He was also the Minister of Minorities during the Ilava III Government.

He also worked on the first plans for the neighborhood of Newport, but because the neighborhood was later on removed, he never got credit for that work.

He was one of the founding members of the Moderate Centrist Party, but eventually switched to the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia. He however remained a member of MCP-alligned local party Party New Oceana, and in early 2017, he announced he had revived MCP and would run for them during the Federal Elections that year.

Biography Edit

Bart Koenen was born on 6 June, 1993 in Saenteim, Mäöres. He is a member of a prosperous and influential political family, that is usually connected to the more progressive Christian side of the political spectrum. In 2010, Koenen moved to Lovia and got involved in the planning of the State of Oceana, mainly on urban management and expansion. Together with Oos Wes Ilava and several other people, many also of Limburgish descent, he first worked on the development of a new residential neighborhood, Newport, and later on the development of the area directly north of Downtown Hurbanova, Millstreet. Later on, he got involved with Newport when it was still planned as an industrial neighborhood, but after the project was cancelled, he retreated to his home in Mäöres.

Koenen returned in early 2015 and got involved in politics again. He also realized the expansion of East Hills, together with Oos Wes Ilava.

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