Bay Hawks
Bay Hawks

Fly us to Victory!

Full name Bay Hawks TNCT Sports Association
Date May 12, 2007-present
Nicknames the Hawks, the Victory Hawks
Club colors

██ black

██ dark red

Sports soccer, basketball, baseball, petanque, American football, Lovian boules, Curling, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey
Chairman Flag of Lovia Small Nicholas Sheraldin
Head coach Flag of Southern Arc Islands Isaac Houtsteen (soccer)
Headquarters Grand Bayside Bowl, Seal of Bayside Bayside, Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania

The Bay Hawks (full name: Bay Hawks TNCT Sports Association, abbreviated BHSA) are a Lovian multi-sports club and group of athletic teams. They are based in Bayside NC, in the Grand Bayside Bowl. The club is sponsored by The Noble City Times and Prince Dimitri, and is managed by Nicholas Sheraldin along with Free Society. The club has a first class soccer, basketball, and baseball team, as well as a petanque, a Lovian boules, and American football team.

It is a LSCA member and the men's soccer team will play in the LSCA Major Soccer League. Bay Hawks is a participant in the Leaders League for wikination football clubs.

Soccer/association football Edit

Current squad Edit

No. Position Player Comment
1 Flag of Lovia Small GK[1] Stephen Dagly
2 Libertas DF[2] Bert Pereboom Former FC Olympia player
3 Flag of Mexico DF Jesús Emmanuel Acha
4 Flag of Solomon Islands DF Henry Valedo
5 Flag of Lovia Small DF Paulo Pennington
7 Flag of the Netherlands MF Ed Mosterd
8 Flag of Slovenia MF Anton Žlogar Former Olimpija Ljubljana player
10 Flag of Lovia Small FW Dimitri O. Edwards
11 Flag of Lovia Small FW George Holmes Former FC Olympia player
12 Flag of Brazil FW Edison
13 Flag of Lovia Small GK David Beekman
14 Flag of Lovia Small MF Nathan Carlyle
15 Flag of Lovia Small DF Al Pennington
16 Flag of the Netherlands FW Johannes Smit
17 Flag of Italy FW Mario Luciono Lucco
20 Flag of Lovia Small MF Lee Winterburn
40 Flag of Tuvalu MF Apo Funofusi-Mase
41 Flag of Tuvalu MF George Funofusi-Mase
42 Flag of Vanuatu FW Simon Revoir
43 Flag of Marshall Islands DF Kenneth Witherson
99 Flag of Lovia Small DF Marcus Lindeman

Notable former playersEdit


Baseball Edit

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Lovian boules Edit

Arrow right See also: Lovian boules for the game regulations.

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Petanque Edit

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American football Edit

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Curling Edit

The male team won the Men's Lovian Curling Association 2012.

Male team Edit

  • Joseph Kane Wynatt (head coach)
  • John Wiess (skip)
  • Harry Totenmes (broom)
  • George Lessis (broom)
  • John Wynatt (skip/broom)
  • Tom Kille (reserve)

Female team Edit

  • Joseph Kane Wynatt (head coach)
  • Julie McCio (skip)
  • Victoria DeMayo (broom)
  • Alex Reyes (broom)
  • Sam Reys (skip/broom)
  • Clover Soni (reserve)


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The Bay Hawks cricket team participates in the Lovia Cricket League. The cricket branch of the Bay Hawks was founded in 2012, and the team joined the LCL in 2013.

Current squadEdit

Players in bold have received international caps.

  • Opening batsmen
  • Middle-order batsmen
  • All-rounders
  • Wicketkeepers
  • Pace bowlers
  • Spin bowlers

References and notes Edit

  1. GK = goalkeeper.
  2. DF = defender.

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