Bootyism is a parody religion created by Stephen Harris which preaches inclusion, love and the constant praising of "what ya momma gave you." Bootyism was founded as a joke by Stephen Harris in 2008 to show the flaws in the "theory" of god and organized religion, but decided to take it seriously and found a cult following on the internet and used as a joke in atheist groups, much like the Flying Spaghetti Monster in Pastafarianism. The "Book of Booty" has its own creation story, "How to Praise Yalls Booty Commandments", and the ResERECTION of the almighty Booty.

Although it is a parody religion some theists like Ygo August Donia have stated "it's funny" and jokingly said he would "follow it". Marcus Villanova also stated he is a "follower" of the Church of Booty.


Creation Story

Bootyism states that in the beginning a  "Big Beautiful Invisible Booty" created the Haven of Booty, The Hall, and Earth. All the events accounted for in the "BOOTY" The Big Beautiful Booty then decided to create things but like totally messed up because the "big fart" which created everything wasn't a nice clean fart, just a tiny sorta annoying fart. The creation of a fart is considered to be amazing, and every time someone farts one should not shun it, instead breath it in, like in huge breaths until there is no more smell left. All the bad things in life can be blammed on the "Big Booby". The Boot Beautiful Booty, for whatever reason created a evil counterpart that he/she could destroy for no reason, just for fun claims the BOOTY. The first two humans created through instant creation, were given HUGE BOOTAYS, but they dissobayed the Big Beautiful Booty by sniffing the Sacred Mary Jane, which was only for the Big Beauitful Booty's holiness. Thus the Big Bootay decided that people will be cursed with small bootays and unapealling bootays, and even created big boobies which even though are very pleasing to most of humanity are actual the evil works of Big Booby. It states in the first two books of the BOOTY, that "boobs be evil son, don't praise em."

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