British Island is one of the islands of the Central Nation Archipelago, belonging to the state of Seven. It is named after the isle of Great Britain, part of the United Kingdom. The island is a tourist attraction, owing to several famous sites of natural beauty. It is the third most populated island in the state.


British possesses two hamlets and a handful of unrecognized settlemetns. It has a population of 925, distributed mainly along the coastline in small settlements, most notably Merrimack and Long Brook, along with some farms inland. Most of the population works in the fishing, farming or forestry industries, with a notable minority, along with some temporary residents, working in tourism or for the park on the island.


A tourist information centre is located by the dock. In the same area is the British Island Park, home to multiple species of threatened animals. A number of hiking trails exist which can be followed to explore the island. The tourist sites were an initiative of the Department of Tourism and Leisure in 2010. On the southwestern beach a luxurious, but authentic land house can be found, where four families can stay during the holidays.

A Lovian Coastal Police outpost marks the Northeasthern tip of the island.

Walking trails Edit

  • Animal Trail
This nice route is for walkers only, it shows the beautiful nature of the isle. Some spots you will walk by are: the little lake, the southern shore, the choak rocks, the pitcairn spring, the penipenicula monument, etc. Distance: 12 km.
  • Seaside Trail
This route takes you all around the isle, and can be followed by walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers. You will pass the land house (see above), the famous seastar beach, the wading birds bay, the telespectatator through which you can see Kings on a sunny day, etc. Distance: about 25 km.

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