Candles and Candles - Kirchdorf an der Iller Wappen


Candles & Candles is a Liberto-Lovian workshop offering handmade candles in various colors and sizes for very reasonable prices. The shop is located in the Tower Mall, Downtown Noble City.

History Edit

At first, Lars Washington started a small project: a candle shop in the shopping centre of Civitas Libertas in Libertas.

His aim was producing handmade candles for the discerning customers from Libertas. The news about this candleshop with its extraordinary candles spread rapidly and one day, the tenant of the shop had a visit from a very distinctive gentleman, dressed in a beautiful linen suit, wearing a Panama hat.

Pedro, the tenant, who comes from Ecuador, knew immediately that this was a very special visitor.

The gentleman was speaking very slowly and asked if he was allowed to look around in the shop. After a while, the gentleman placed an order for some 50 candles in a nice clay tone that still had to be made. He would return next week and will pick up the parcel himself. Leaving his business card, Pedro was very puzzled when he saw a Royal seal on the card.

A week later, when the candles were ready, the same gentleman came into the shop again to pick up the parcel wrapped up carefully by Pedro, who had been informed in the meantime that this gentleman came from the Royal Palace in Lovia and had placed an order for HRH King Dimitri I of Lovia.

Products Edit

Devices Edit

Candles & Candles also offers a wide range of devices to secure candles into place, from simple tabletop candle holders, to elaborate chandeliers.

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