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Lovian Capital Christmas
Name Capitol
Start building 1876
Finish building 1881
Location Seal of Downtown Downtown, Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania (SY-NC-DT)
Function Congress
Visitor figures unknown[1]
Owner Lovia[2]

The Capitol is the monumental building in which the Lovia Congress debates and works. It is located in the heart of Noble City: Downtown. It's a very popular tourist attraction as well, ranked first in Lovia.

Building History Edit

The Capitol was constructed in 1876. Fashioned only to serve a small government, in recent years the capital has gone under several transformation with the development of the Lovian population. The building, designed by the famous Lovian architect Mirnam Fletcher (founder of Adams and Fletcher), is still in use, although there were lots of extensions, renewing and redecoration's.

The design of the structure is well determined neoclassical. The interior of the building shows elaborate designs giving image to the nations history and progression, portraits of former Prime Minister's of Lovia and several former MOTC 's can be found in the hallways. While the Noble City skyline have developed in recent years it remains ranked highly on the list of tallest constructions in Lovia.

The structure is one of Lovia's top tourist hot spots, with an average 52,234 vistors every year. Its decorated every year to follow the seasons, such as dressing the capital with pumpkins for Halloween, or placing Christmas Tree in front of the capital for Christmas. The capital is also home to several parades, fire work shows and musical performances, most of which are typical on Lovia's National Day.


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Central Hall Edit

West Wing Edit

Tourist attraction Edit

Greetings from Lovia

Popular post card depicting the Capitol

The Lovian Capitol is the No.1 tourist attraction in Noble City ánd Lovia. Every year lots of international tourist, mostly from the USA, Europe and Libertas, visit the beautiful Capitol in the center of Noble City. Guided tours in group are possible and very cheap.

Guided tours Edit

under construction

References Edit

  1. Largest number of visitors in Noble City.
  2. Administered by the Department of Finance.

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