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The City Archipelago

The City Archipelago (Oceana: Thie Mestnis, IPA: /t̪ʰiə̯ 'mɛznis/) is the smallest archipelago of the Lovia Archipelago and is situated in the extreme western point of Lovia. There are only two small islands: the Isle of London and the Isle of Frisco, both named after important English language cities. In the past, the City Archipelago had a third island, namely Isle of Bratislava, populated heavily by Slovak migrants, which sank after the 1903 earthquake and heavy floodings.

Being very flat, the highest point of the two islands is That Rugge on the Isle of Frisco. It is 43 meters high. Currently, both islands are uninhabited, but until recently there were approximately 300 people living on Isle of London, in the settlement of Oslobodenia 'Oshenna, which was the capital of the self-proclaimed Empire of Oceana.

On the 1st of November 2011, during the Lovian Civil War, both islands have been heavily armed with short-range ballistic missiles. Also a no-fly zone was installed in order to prevent aerial attacks. Due to this fact, the people are living in security, as UNLOR and other opposing forces are unable to harm the territory of the City Archipelago.

While the City Archipelago does not constitute its own district, they are officially not part of any other district in Oceana. Instead, they are governed by the State authorities.

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