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Clymene Court House

The Court House in Sofasi

The Clymene Court House is the building where the lawsuits of the Clymene State Court took place. It's located in the town of Sofasi and is one of the most popular tourist attractions there.

History Edit

The original building was constructed in 1888, which makes it one of the oldest buildings not on Peace Island. The building originally was a small market place, until it was sold to an American salesman in 1898. It became a private residence, in which the salesman exhibited his personal art works. In 1905 he died and the building was inherited by his daughter. She married a European painter, moved out of the building and sold it to the federal government. The Congress passed it through to the State of Clymene and they designated it as their court house.

In 1949 it was entirely restored, an action that is repeated in 1969 and 1989. A new renovation occured in 2009.

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