Clymene Today is a Lovian Clymene-based newspaper. In the past, it was run by former Clymene Governor Robin V. Ferguson. Despite the name it is sold in Clymene and Seven, covering northern Lovian politics. It is currently owned by Villanova Inc.. The paper is center-left affiliated.

Clymene Today[]

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Northern News Advertisements and Public opinion
  • June 23, 2013 - "We need to take back Clymene" proclaims Villanova
    • ​In a heartfelt speech in Adoha's Fire Station Pub, Marcus Villanova announced that former Deputy governor and political friend Ferenc Szohad had formed a coalition with each other in order to unite the center-left parties around one banner and remove the current leadership in place. In a short speech he outlined was he would do for Clymene and how they did great in the prior term together in the leadership. The name for this new coalition is simple, the "Coalition for Clymene". He will also be polled now as well.
  • June 17th, 2013 - "Just Come Back To Labour!" - Says Villanova
    • Today the governor shook up the Clymeni political sphere once more. He went from social democrat Labour to unpopular Social Christian Party and will now run with no Party next to his name. But outgoing Party leader, Former Clymene Governor and Former Prime Minister  Marcus Villanova said "Just go back to Labour". This is a turn of events since both his new and old Party have been very hostile towards Justin during his governorship. A possible deal might include him not runing against Marcus in October and would lead to a easy walk to the Governorship. No word on if Governor Abrahams will accept the offer or even consider it. We are polling the state again so it will be interesting to see how people react and will vote.
  • June 14th, 2013 - First Statewide Opinion poll shows "We want dedication"
    • In our first ever weekly polls on the upcoming state elections in the northern parts of Lovia. First we go straight to the Clymene polling. As we expected the reign of Abrahams is not very popular, as former Governor Marcus Villanova polled above 50% this early in the campaign. A look at Abrahams numbers shows that his last campaign was largely supported by the atheist-buddhist-minorty-labour union coalition which together in this state equals a large 50+ majority. He has since lost the atheist and Buddhist parts to christian electors, who's only option is the centrist SCP. His support largely is coming from the rural Cornwall Areas in Clymene and struggling elsewhere. Next onward to George Underhill. No word on yet if he will run again, many doubt he will but we polled his prospects anyway. The inactive Green Party member did just as well as his christian counterpart. His support is coming from Truth Island and is expected not to reach high amounts since Villanova has a strong base there. Then their is Villanova. The former governor promising a revival and stronger Clymene unity in devolution is coming back with a bang polling at 60% and with strong support from all around the state, the election is his to lose.
    • Now to Seven! The Dedication theme is ongoing here as long time governor Semyon is able to draw 44% of the field. Now in perspective, while not being the demanding 66% as seen in Clymene, it does come at a time when he has supported the state in times of good and bad and is maybe the Clymene opposite. While cultural and geographical bonds are high, in Clymene the norm are a slew of leftist candidates, in Seven a slew of rightist candidates. Still only 56% of the electorate have made up there minds and 44% of them are going for Semyon so again it seems in the bag. His support came from Novosevensk with about 65% of the people there supporting him. The deputy governor's party th CDP polled above the DG's party in Clymene. He was mostly inactive for awhile but has greatly improved and continued his rightist advocacy in the state. Still the SCP which may or may not run in the elections got only 1% of the vote looking very disappointing. We will be your best source for up to the date northern Lovian news!
  • June 12th, 2013 - People say "Maybe" to elections
    • In a national Clymene today poll, we asked the following question: Would you want Congress to dissolve right now for elections to take place? About 1400 were polled across the country and we can report the following: 43% of people responded saying "Yes! I want another election". The same amount of people who said no, also didn't know which one to choose. 28% per each of those two. What maybe most important is if a Congressmen will act on these numbers. Marcus Villanova stated he would, but no word on if he will follow through because of the close polling. We will keep you updated on this.
  • June 9th, 2013 - Have elections already began?
    • ​Walk down a Sofasi or Adoha street and the campaign is in its infancy. Former Clymene and Current Sylvanian Deputy Governor Marcus Villanova has started campaigning with his new local oriented Reform and Liberty Party which seeks to run businessmen, teachers, farmers and other workers to run on local concern. Marcus has already spent L$50,000 on advertising in the Downtown Sofasi area in bilingual posters and signs. His message is that his leadership can change the State like the others, which have dedicated governors. But will the people give him another chance? One local shop owner in Hightech Valley told us "I was willing to give the SCP a chance and will be going into October with an open mind." another told us "The SCP has brought about some change here, I wouldn't mind a coalition between the two." 
  • March 5th, 2013 - Inouye for Deputy Leader!
    • ​As a Labour supported newspaper we have some rights and have a bit of voice in swaying internal powers. We understand that and will stay impartial through the rest of the election season and afterwards. But we must say, that our support will be behind Thomas Inouye, Clymene politican and great MOTC. To save the party we need common sense, mainstream views. Not giving into centrists and not pandering to the far-leftists. He will save the party in Clymene and put forward a new image for the party. We hope you, the reader will please show your support for Inouye.
  • March 3rd, 2013 - Labour election update
    • ​The small Labour Party has brought a lot of lovians glued to updates about the three possible Deputy leaders. We break out the three candidates and their possibilities. First, in alphabetical order, Inouye has the stronghold of Clymene with a lot of Labour support already in it. In a poll we conducted March 1st, his stronghold has him up 38% to Robinson's 29% and Lenka's 6%. But with glowing endorsements from out of state newspapers and Unions, Inouye leads a point over Robinson, 23% to 22%. Next is Lenka, most people didn't know she was leader of the NPO or she was a MOTC but in just a few short days she has became a viable choice for the position. Her Oceana roots, labour union connections, and fiery personality have given her momentum and in her stronghold of Oceana, she leads, according to the Hurbanova Novine 40% to Inouye and Robinson with 16%. But Oceana has less support in comparison to Sylvania and Clymene. Nationally she has about 16% support. And finally their is Robinson, descendant from founding father Stephen Robinson. His support comes from Sylvania and just like Clymene most of the Labour Party comes from there. He maybe is seen as a early favorite but hasn't hit the ground running as well as the other two, he's had no endorsements from newspapers, second place in union support but 40 Labour congressmen support has kept him afloat. He is currently in second place nationally with 22%. Still it seems like two things are apparent. There three respective strongholds, will be very important all three candidate will have to run up the vote in these states and since Inouye and Robinson are in stronger areas, they will have an advantage here, but since Lenka has so much more support in her state will it balance it out? Finally then there's Kings and Seven, no one has talked but about them and with Seven being the least supported Labour state, and Kings, being in the middle after Clymene and Sylvania but before Oceana and Seven, which may sway the election one way or another.
  • March 2nd, 2013 - A Villanova Op-ed
    • For the first time in Lovian history the members of the political party will elect their leadership, which shows an amazing step foward towards democracy and the use of instant runoff voting, shows our commitment towards liberalism and a social democracy. This election will show the different sides of our politicians and members which will bring our party together. We just saw about 5,000 members and major amounts of our MOTCs, and half of the leadership duo, leave. But we know just like our Labour union members, we never give up, we work cooperatively and then see our work in progress. We have three gifted, and amazing candidates, from all parts of the country, representing different backgrounds, ethnic groups, and ideas. Hopefully this attracts MOTCs, voters and youth to our party who want to see new change, and responsible Center-left and Leftist politics. We now we have change in sight, it starts here. And our members have that choice. - Marcus/Michael Villanova 00:29, March 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • February 25th, 2013 - A monopoly in Clymene
    • Big changes are coming to Clymene and in your opinion it might be for the better, or worse. The recent SCP which has been able to become one of Lovia's largest political parties overnight, will now be focusing on making Clymene a SCP stronghold. Dave and Governor Junstin Abrahams have been building up many commercial enterprises, taking over family farms and trying to put a Maple family/Lesromento family/or Justin Abrahams label on everything touched. What will happen? Keep reading for a follow up on this story.
  • February 22nd, 2013 - Clymene's Governor no longer Labour
    • Justin Abrahams governor of Clymene left the Labour party and joined the SCP and newly founded christian centrist party. We think this may lead to new mergers and the old party hierarchy to an end. Old Parties like Labour, SLP, and CNP who have been around over a year, have old elements or comprised of senior politicians have suffered in elections and in Congress. Still the CCPL with the long time politician Oos Wes Ilava did great in sustaining there election dominance. We will see how this one plays out.
  • January 23rd, 2013 - Seven & Clymene wrap up
    • In the end the States went the way we though. Clymene a traditionally Labour and progressive strong hold went strong for the progressive parties, Labour in the major Urban cities gaining huge amount of support and the Green Party in Truth Island. In Seven the Seven advocate Seymon won a good amount of votes enough to get him and his friend into Congress. The CNP and CCPL were also able to attract a good amount of support to keep Seven diverse.

Statewide Opinion Polling[]

We've polled national issues before, but feel the issues affecting Clymene and Seven are most important. We've polled before for the Labour Party during their Deputy Leadership contest and now poll for opinions on the statewide races.

All poll averages you see below will be the average of the five most recent polls in that state.


Clymene has four possible candidates which have either said they will run or have support enough to field a campaign. The possible candidates are Justin Abrahams from the Social Christian Party, Marcus Villanova from the Reform & Liberty Party, and George Underhill of the Green Party. The choice IDK/O means I don't know or Other.

For the first poll (June 12th-June 14th) since Abrahams was a member of the SCP we polled him as such. He is now an Independent.

Ferenc Szohad joined the race along in a coalition with Villanova on June 22nd. He was added to all latter polls, in the pervious polls we did change the numbers to add some votes because some participants did list him as a possible choice.

Averaged 29% 36% 17% 9% 9%
Date(s) conducted IND RLP SDU GP IDK/O
11th-13th July 25% 25% 39% 6% 5%
5th-7th July 31% 31% 23% 8% 7%
27th-28th June 35% 29% 12% 6% 18%
18th-20th June 44% 37% 4% 13% 2%
12th-14th June 10% 60% 5% 10% 15%

Since the coalition was formed (June 22nd, 2013) we polled them separately but together. Above is the singular polling and here are any coalitions below. The "Coalition for Clymene" is a coalition of the SDU and RLP. Previous polls also reflect the "what if" of the coalition, but it was finalized June 27th.

Averaged 29% 53% 9% 9%
Date(s) conducted IND CfC GP IDK/O
11th-13th July 25% 64% 6% 5%
5th-7th July 31% 54% 8% 7%
27th-28th June 35% 41% 6% 18%
18th-20th June 44% 41% 13% 2%
12th-14th June 10% 65% 10% 15%


The choice IDK/O means I don't know or Other. In seven Semyon always runs as an Independent, so we label him as an IND (or independent). Taiyo no Eisei, Deputy Governor, is from the CDP and Dave Leskromento ran for Deputy Governor last time, he is now a SCP member.

Averaged 49% 14% 9% 28%
Date(s) conducted IND CDP SCP IDK/O
11th-13th July 47% 13% 27% 13%
5th-7th July 54% 8% 8% 30%
27th-28th June 59% 12% 6% 23%
18th-20th June 46% 15% 1% 38%
12th-14th June 40% 20% 1% 39%

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