Dave and the Recorders is a Lovian punk band hailing from Sofasi. The band was founded in 1987 by Dave Goldblum, current owner of Warped Records. The band is characterized by folk inlfuences, lyrical themes revolving around domestic problems, art and literature.

The band has shunned political themes, as Goldblum stated multiple times in interviews, because they feel the political establishment is not the real problem in western countries, but the social structure of society is. Goldblum said that people living in western countries are in general not "fucked over" by the government, and it would be silly to use the government as a scapegoat for social problems. "I'd like to piss on people who say that living in Lovia is bad because of the king or the MOTCs or whatever scapegoat they need. But then again, I'd have to piss on our friends Car Crash Sex. The world is complicated sometimes," said Goldblum.

Dave and the Recorders have established a cult following amongst fans of Tone Factory and Warped Records, but have never attained commercial success. 

Discography Edit

  • Piss Poor People In a Piss Poor City
  • Sacrilege
  • Domestic Problems
  • The Brooks Street Inn and Other Murder Sites
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