Supreme Court House 1

The Supreme Court House, located on the avenue.


12 Democracy Avenue, the office of the Prime Minister.

Democracy Avenue is an important and symbolic east-west avenue located in central Noble City, Sylvania. It begins in the neighborhood of Artista, travels through Downtown, and ends in the neighborhood of Bayside on the coastline. The term Democracy Avenue is often used to mean the Congress, as the Capitol is located on the road. The avenue is located north of Freedom Avenue and south of Heritage Avenue.

Route description Edit

The route from Artista through Bayside:

  1. The road begins at the T-junction with Poetry Street and runs eastwards, passing several residences, parks and establishments.
  2. After the crossing with Language Street, the Supreme Court House can be seen on the left side and the Sylvania Court House on the right side.
  3. Then, on the left the road passes the Noble City Hall, while the National Archives are on the right.
  4. After the crossroads with Science Street, the Capitol can be seen on the right. On the other side a federal property and Botanica are situated.
  5. After crossing Law Street, 12 Democracy Avenue appears to the left. The Federal Tower, a large federal office building, appears to the right.
  6. Before leaving Downtown and crossing History Street, the road passes the Wikicity Building on the left and LFA Headquarters on the right.
  7. Once into Bayside, the road passes by Ted Kennedy Memorial Park on the left and the Plaza Galleria on the right.
  8. After passing some shops, the Libertan Embassy and a hotel, the avenue crosses Ocean Avenue and ends in front of the Noble Beach, with an access to the Noble Beach.

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