Department of IAT

The Lovian Department of Industry, Agriculture and Trade, commonly shortend down to "DoIAT" was the federal department occupied with economical activities and agriculture. The Department was located at 2 Commerce Square, Bayfield. It was founded on Inauguration Day 2008 by Federal Secretary of Industry, Agriculture and Trade Yuri Medvedev. The last Secretary was Nathaniel Scribner. In 2012, the department was jointly replaced by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Labour.

Occupations Edit

  • Directoring of the economical competition, trade and investment
    DoAIT Building
  • Regulation and organisation of the market
  • Providing and controlling of statistics and economic information
  • Take care for a sustainable consumption and production
  • Ensure employment and the labour market
  • Encourage and assist industry to adopt new technology and practice
  • Enable industries to adapt to the fast-changing international and economic environment
  • Help improved market access and performance for Lovia’s agricultural and food sector

Budget Plan Edit

Agricultural Statue

The employment for the Department of Industry, Agriculture and Trade was about fifty-one people all separated into five groups into each state, with all having ten people and the Secretary. Salaries stayed a steady 50,000$, which is a total of 250,000 for all the workers, the Secretary took no income. The main building held the cost of to maintain as 15,000 Lovian Dollars a year with the other state headquarters being small offices around the state capitals which add up to around 7,000 a year. All turning up as the budget of 3,670,000 and spending of international research of 6,000,000.

Realizations Edit

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Discussions Edit

  1. Shortly talks started concerning the Lovian Dollar (whether we should have to implement it). The DEPIAT gives a negative message, our future coin must be more competitive than it is now, some reactions please. We have to settle this. J. J.

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