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The Department of Justice was a Lovian federal department. It was occupied with federal justice (Supreme Court) and had oversight control over all courts. It was officially founded on Inauguration Day 2008, but didn't start until March 20. The Secretary in the Medvedev II Government was Alyssa C. Red, appointed by Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev and HRH King Dimitri I. In 2012, the department was replaced by the Ministry of Justice.

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Occupations Edit

Realisations Edit

  • Appointing the first Supreme Court Judge
  • Starting the Supreme Court and the first SC Trial
  • Constructing a new Supreme Court House
  • Replacing the former Supreme Court Judge

Plans Edit

  • Appointing a second Supreme Court Judge

Secretary Edit

The first Secretary of Justice was Arthur Jefferson Lovian Freethought Academy. He did not have much experience in justice matters, but was willing to offer all of his time to learn the basics and the details of the Constitution, the Federal Law and all the issues concerning justice. After the Federal Elections of 2010 he was followed by Alyssa C. Red, who promoted the old secretary to Supreme Court Judge.

Supreme Court Edit

Arrow right Main article: Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Judges Edit

Arrow right See also: Judge for more information on judges and the appointment of Supreme Court Judges.

Appointment of the first SC Judge Edit

The first Supreme Court Judge is appointed on April 16 by the Federal Secretary. He chose for Yuri Medvedev for the following reasons:

  • His Majesty has a good knowledge of the Constitution, but as a monarch he just can't become Judge.
  • George Matthews is already in charge of the police and is too new.
  • Oos Wes Ilava, Alexandru Latin, Robin V. Ferguson, Pierlot McCrooke and others are not very suited and probably have no good knowledge of the law.
  • Lars Washington would be suited, but the Secretary chose for Yuri Medvedev, because he is better aware of the Constitution's content.

As Yuri Medvedev already confirmed his appointment in a private atmosphere, he is now officially appointed.

Appointment of the second SC Judge Edit

Because the Lovian government wants to avoid accumulation of power by individuals, Yuri Medvedev was removed from the position of Supreme Court judge in mutual consensus. He proposed to give his post to Arthur Jefferson, who formerly headed this department and thus had good knowledge of the Constitution and law enforcement in general. He will be appointed when he officially agrees. The Department of Justice still seeks to appoint a second Supreme Court judge, but in recent cases has been proven to be ineffective and is wanted to be replaced.

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