Diet Kashubian Identity
Name Diet Kashubian
Full name Danilo Pahor
Sex Male Male
Born August 1, 1842, Flag of Slovenia Nova Gorica
Deceased June 17, 1902, Seal of Train Village Train Village
Home Seal of Train Village Train Village
Functions Politician
Languages English, Slovene

Diet Kashubian or Danilo Pahor (Nova Gorica, 1842 - Train Village, 1902) was a Lovian local politician and writer. He was the Mayor of Train Village from 1887 to 1900. Kashubian has written two books.

Kashubian lived in Slovenia untill he was 29. In 1871 he moved to Italy, more specifically to Milan. (Kashuban was born on 9th March 1842, the same day when Giuseppe Verdi's third opera Nabucco premieres in Milan).

After 7 years in Italy, he moved to the Lovian town Train Village.

Bibliography Edit

  • 1885 - Lost World
  • 1892 - An agreement from us
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