Dimitri Kalinnikov Identity
Dimitri Kalinnikov3
Name Dimitri Kalinnikov
Full name Dimitri Sergeyevich Kalinnikov
Born 3 December, 1961, Seal of Kinley Kinley
Home 7 Rheims Street, Canterbury, Seal of Kinley Kinley, Seal of Seven Seven
Languages English, Russian, Lovian English

Dimitri Sergeyevich Kalinnikov (3 December, 1961 in Kinley) is a Russian Lovian Policeman who acts as the party leader for the PNT. He is a well known hunter and paramedic and was one of the leading members of the Lovian Land Army. He was considered a confederate hero during the short time that the LLA was part of the Civil War of 2011, having saved more than 30 lives on both sides during the conflict. He was also Federal Police Commissioner for almost four years during which he helped Lukas Hoffmann reform the Federal Police.

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