Seal of Newhaven

Flag of Newhaven

Name Newhaven
Hexacode KI-NH-NH
Population 14,167
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Next to Seal of Abby Springs Abby Springs
Nicknames none
Saint(s) none

Newhaven is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Newhaven and forms the major part of it. Newhaven was planned and constructed in the early 20th century by Henri Charles Anosier to replace the old harbor. Now it is the largest part of the city. It is sometimes called Downtown Newhaven.

Map of Newhaven Edit

Ocean *1 Railway
Abby Park
2 Museum Avenue
*2 Lovian Museum for Modern Art
4 Museum Avenue
*3 Newhaven Main Station
2 Gateway Street
Newhaven Medical School
1 River Street
*4 Noble Building A
10 Museum Avenue


Newhaven Area Hospital
8 Museum Avenue
Museum Avenue
Abby Park
1 Museum Avenue
The Landmark Newhaven
3 Museum Avenue
Brenda Young
5 Museum Avenue
Yuri Medvedev
7 Museum Avenue
Martin de Muntegu
9 Museum Avenue
Noble Building B
11 Museum Avenue
Miles Coltrane
2 Abby Park Street
Taiyō no Eisei
1 Gateway Street
Unified Lutheran Church
4 Gateway Street
United Lutheran Nursery
3 River Street
Martha Van Gent
4 Shopping Avenue
Newhaven Concert Hall
6 Shopping Avenue
Newhaven Stadium
12 Shopping Avenue
Shopping Avenue
Swift Oil
1 Shopping Avenue
Newhaven Shopping Center
3 Shopping Avenue
Grey Lounge
7 Shopping Avenue
Goodread Publishings
9 Shopping Avenue
Newhaven Elementary
11 Shopping Avenue
2 Northern Abby Avenue
8 Northern Abby Avenue
The Newhaven Post
10 Northern Abby Avenue
12 Northern Abby Avenue
Northern Abby Avenue
The Abby
↓ Pines ↓

  • *1 - Sea Street
  • *2 - Abby Park Street
  • *3 - Gateway Street
  • *4 - River Street

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