Seal of Drake Town

Flag of Drake Town


Name Drake Town
Hexacode OC-HU-DR
Population 13,016[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Oceana
Location Oceana (Peace Island)
Next to Downtown Hurbanova, Millstreet, Newport

Drake Town (Oceana: Dedin o'Frants, IPA: [ˌd̪ɛd̪inʔoˈfʁ̥ants], Town of Francis) is a neighborhood of Hurbanova. It's named after Francis Drake, the worldwide known discoverer who mentioned the Lovia Archipelago for the first time. 12,455 people live in Drake Town, including Prince Dimitri.

History Edit

Drake Town has always been a part of Hurbanova. The oldest building of the neighborhood is the Slinkni Branan. Two other old buildings are 19 and 21 Vlackstreet, they both used to be a farm. A 100 years ago there was a moat, a wall and some towers at the place of the neighborhood.

The first plans of building a neighborhood here were from the '40. After one street was finished, a fire broke out killing 4 people. The name Zosnul street is a reminder of this. Zosnul is Oceana for the death. The cause of the fire was a gas leak.

In 2008 interest for a new neighborhood showed up. The original plans for making it, were created by the former mayor of Hurbanova and governor of Oceana, Oos Wes Ilava. His first draft was to create a residential neighborhood. He had plans to create almost five new neighborhoods. The name of Drake Town would be Moat. However, after some illegal actions he was forced to postpone his plans. He quit as mayor and governor and a few days later he was sent to jail for three weeks. He forgot about his plans while he was in jail. After three weeks of thinking about his illegal actions he was released. A lot had changed in Hurbanova and Oceana. Hurbanova had a new mayor, Ben Opať. He was having a conversation with Oos Wes and out of nothing plans for a new neighborhood retouched the light. Oos Wes immediately dropped plans for two neighborhoods and he proposed to build three neighborhoods. Ben, however, did not think it was necessary to build that many neighborhoods and was thinking about two neighborhoods. One residential and commercial neighborhood, on the place of Drake Town, and one industrial and/or agrarian neighborhood, on the place of Millstreet. Bart Koenen joined the conversation. He did not like the Millstreet plans and they were rejected. After many conversations the plans were proposed to the Lovian public. King Dimitri I and George Matthews said there was no need for an industrial neighborhood. Eventually, it was clear it would become a residential, commercial and agrarian neighborhood. Names were proposed by many famous Lovians like Pierlot McCrooke and Lars Washington. The name with the most support was Drake Town, proposed by Ben Opať. On May 19, 2008, Oos Wes started to work on the new neighborhood, Drake Town.

Demographics Edit

Of the 37,472 inhabitants of the Hurbanova district, 13,016 live in Drake Town. According to the 2015 census, the racial make-up of Drake Town was 12,849 white (98,72%), 63 black (0,48%), 55 asian-pacific (0,42%), and 49 undefined (0,38%); ethnically there were 6,824 Oceana (52,57%), 2,174 Lovians (16,70%), 1,379 Limburgish people (10,59%), 688 Slovaks (5,29%), 633 Romanians (4,86%), 396 Dutch people (3,04%), 255 Bosnians (1,96%), 157 Russians (1,21%), 108 Americans (0,83%), 104 Ukrainians (0,80%), 67 British people (0,51%), 47 Poles (0,36%), 31 Koreans (0,24%), 19 Chinese people (0,15%), 12 Scandinavians (0,09%), and 104 others (0,80%). The first-language distribution was recorded as 7,228 English (55,53%), 1,622 Hurbanovan English (12,46%), 1,290 Limburgish (9,91%), 1,086 Oceana (8,34%), 618 Slovak (4,75%), 529 Romanian (4,06%), 197 Dutch (1,51%), 130 Bosnian (1,00%), 83 other Slavic (0,64%), 71 Russian (0,55%), 35 other Germanic (0,27%), 31 Korean (0,24%), 25 Polish (0,19%), 19 Chinese (0,15%), and 52 other (0,40%). The distribution of religious affiliations was 9,012 Roman Catholic (69,24%), 564 Romanian Orthodox (4,33%), 407 other Orthodox-Christian (3,13%), 395 United Protestant (3,03%), 315 Evangelic-Christian (2,42%), 81 Dutch Protestant (0,62%), 63 other Protestant (0,48%), 62 Lutheran (0,48%), 28 Cheondist (0,22%), 21 Buddhist (0,16%), 47 other (0,36%), and 2,021 with no religious affiliation (15,53%).

Environment Edit

Drake Town is located between Millstreet, Downtown Hurbanova, Fromfield, and Newport to the east. The center of the built-up area is located at approximately 5 to 10 meters high.

Of the 8,722 functioning registrated buildings in Drake Town, 4,855 have a residential designation, 910 are stalls, sheds or workhouses, 162 have a religious designation, 1,470 are shops or services buildings, 465 are governmental buildings, and 860 are undefined.

Economy Edit

Most of the inhabitants of Drake Town are employed in services, mining, and retail. According to the 2013 census, the working population is 7,722 (65,4%), of which 644 have no registrated jobs (8,3%) and 681 are unemployed (8,8%).

Neighborhood map Edit

Railway: Peace Island Railway *3
17 Vlackstreet:
Miners Union of Lovia Oceana Headquarters
*1 19 Vlackstreet:
Wine Shop
21 Vlackstreet:
23 Vlackstreet:
Ygo August Donia
25 Vlackstreet:
Prince Dimitri
*2 27 Vlackstreet
RCC Saint Urban
29 Vlackstreet
Miseto o'Kertsha
Vlackstreet / Vlacest
18 Vlackstreet
Drake Town Mall
20 Vlackstreet
Joe Geodoffit
22 Vlackstreet
24 Vlackstreet
26 Vlackstreet
I. G. La Blaca
28 Vlackstreet
Kameron Bank
30 Vlackstreet
Veloz Megastores
19 Oceana Side-street
Vanguard Hurbanova
21 Oceana Side-street
Dale's Donuts
23 Oceana Side-street
Jhon Lewis
25 Oceana Side-street
Susyr Otlev
27 Oceana Side-street
LBS Bank
29 Oceana Side-street
Oceana Side-street / Zaitestreate 'Oshenna
18 Oceana Side-street
20 Oceana Side-street
Orbaloft Productions

Francis Drake Park

26 Oceana Side-street
Galactic Park
Home of FK Galactic Hurbanova
28 Oceana Side-street
Red Rose Publishers
Zosnulstreet 2
Saint Andrew Church
17 Danish Avenue
Big Kahuna
19 Danish Avenue
Urban Brokers
23 Danish Avenue
25 Danish Avenue
Back Room
Danish Avenue / Daynish Cesta
18 Danish Avenue
20 Danish Avenue
Hurbanova Library
22 Danish Avenue
Ares Designer Apparel
24 Danish Avenue
Apoo banaan
26 Danish Avenue
Lucy Austira
28 Danish Avenue
Alyssa C. Red
30 Danish Avenue
State property
32 Danish Avenue
Lovian Labour Center
17 Wallstreet
19 Wallstreet
21 Wallstreet
Neil Hardy
23 Wallstreet
25 Wallstreet
Martijn Mans
27 Wallstreet
Yuri Medvedev
29 Wallstreet
State property
Wallstreet / Wallcest
Oceana Wall
  1. King Arthur I Street / Cesta o'Kral Arthur Jidnast
  2. Zosnul Street / Zosnulcest
  3. Eastern Cesta / Viedni Cesta

Politics Edit

Now follows the voting results for the local State Elections:

Party 2012[2] 2013 F2015
CCPL 1,711 2,510 3,722
PNO 1,342 562 949
OSB 2,107 785 866
NPO 1,399 711 685
LMP 2,177 1,180 1,231
RTP 415 714 897
GP 33 903 657
KNPO - 1,056 419
MLPE - 109 -
SP 104 81 86
SLP - 10 11
DV - 4 -
UC - 22 65
LEP - - 9
Valid 9,288 8,647 9,597
Blank 16 44 56
Invalid 42 63 55
Votes cast 9,346 8,754 9,708
Entitled to vote 9,812 9,342 10,855

Transportation Edit

Drake Town is served by the Bus Service Oceana:

The following bus stops lie within Drake Town's zone of habitation: Drake Town Mall, Drake Town RC Church, and Drake Town Wallstreet.

References Edit

  1. Oceana Demographic Center (2015).
  2. Voting results for these elections may not be fully accurate, as some people were still registrated in Hurbanova and East Hills, due to the transition to the district system. As a result, the amount of registered voters in the hamlet is lower than the actual amount; while some votes in built-up areas are actually votes from hamlets.
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