The Eleventh Amendment or 2012 Judicial Reform was an amendment to the judiciary system authored by William Krosby and Semyon Breyev. The original amendment was proposed by William Krosby, and made a number of changes, but the main proposal was that the current system of a single appointed judge should be supplemented with a panel of four randomly selected citizens. This was rejected due to criticism of the random selection aspect, and Semyon Breyev proposed an alternative system whereby three judges would be elected by Congress. This was accepted with a 71% majority. Krosby then reproposed his original amendment, minus the random selection element, and it was also accepted.

Summary of changes made:

  • The single appointed Judge was replaced with three Judges elected by Congress.
  • The monarch was made a non-voting MOTC.
  • It was specified that the Prime Minister and ministers were MOTCs.
  • A three vote minimum requirement for MOTCs was reinstated.
  • Secretaries were renamed ministers and departments were renamed ministries.

Text of the AmendmentEdit

Changes made were fairly involved, so a full text is not included here. See here for a line-by-line comparison of the pre- and post-Amendment text.

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