Elk Punarbhava Identity
Name Elk Punarbhava
Born July 12, 1970, Newhaven
Home Chaparral House, Seal of Clave Rock Clave Rock
Functions Organizer at Reboot
Languages English, Telugu

Elk Punarbhava (born July 12, 1970) is a Lovian social reformer and ecological thinker. He founded Reboot, a socio-political movement that strives for radical societal change.

Biography Edit

Punarbhava was born in 1970 in Newhaven to a Telugu-speaking British-Indian woman and a second-generation American-Lovian man. Punarbhava's father was a social reformer himself, who fought for the rights of Native Americans and the First Nations in the United States and Canada, before moving to Lovia, where he died in 1980.

Elk Punarbhava went to local schools in the Newhaven area. At the age of 18, he volunteered with a biodiversity restoration program in Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo). He left the program after two years to pursue his love interest. In 1991 he returned to Lovia, where he worked as an assistant in a farmer union's office. In the 1990s, he was subsequently employed as a union representative, a train conductor, and a elementary school teacher. He became the father to a daughter, Madrone, in 1995. In September 2001, Punarbhava went to the United States, working in the fields during the harvest and supporting gay rights organizations in the Midwest during the rest of the year.

He returned, somewhat impoverished, in 2004. Until 2012, Punarbhava was employed by various international nonprofits. Disgusted by their hypocrisy, corruption, and inefficiency, he stepped down in December 2012 to work on his own project, Reboot. Elk Punarbhava has announced that he is interested in running for office in order to achieve his goals for Lovia. He declared his priorities are "to stop abusing our planet, stop abusing our fellow humans, and start living deliberately." In February 2013, Punarbhava proposed a minor rewrite of the Marriage Act, to allow for greater liberty and to make for more harmonious relationships.

Punarbhava now lives at the Chaparral House, a share home, in Clave Rock.

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