The First Chamber is not one of two chambers in a bicameral system. It is Lovian Congress' room for proposing and debating bills, which then go to the Second Chamber for a vote.

Seatings in the First Chamber

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In Lovia, Congress is the national legislative body and the most powerful branch of government. The First Chamber is one of the two chambers of Congress, located in the Capitol in Downtown Noble City, in which the Members of the Congress propose bills and debate them. The Second Chamber is where they are eventually voted. Paradoxically, Lovia does not have a bicameral parliament: there is only one group of MOTCs that both debates and votes the proposals. For the current composition of Congress, see this.

As prescribed by Article 6 of the Constitution, all Lovian citizens "may write and propose motions to the Federal Law", that "are presented to the Members of the Congress in the First Chamber." The MOTCs' duty is to "read the motion and form a personal opinion about it. In order to obtain the support of a majority of Members of the Congress, changes may be proposed in the First Chamber." If a majority is likely to be found, the proposer will move the bill to the Second Chamber for a vote. The First Chamber is not a popular assembly where all citizens can express their personal interests. Polling the population ought to happen outside of Congress. It was only after the 2010 State Reform (Sixth Amendment) that proposing bills in the First Chamber was opened up to all citizens.

In recent history, some proposals have underwent major changes in the First Chamber, before being moved to the Second Chamber; but most didn't. It has been noted that especially when the number of bills in the First Chamber rises, the level of participation drops severely. Vague proposals, that were mentioned with the intention to start a debate, have only rarely led to concrete bills. The most successful bills tend to be those that are already concrete and in the right form when being proposed, and that are well explained and contextualized.

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