Flag of Lovia

The Pine Jack

Coat of Arms of Lovia

The Federal Coat of Arms, using the flag

Royal Standard

The Royal Standard, charging its blazon with the Pine Jack

The Flag of Lovia, nicknamed the Pine Jack, is the official flag of Lovia. The current version was designed by King Dimitri I of Lovia and adapted November 25, 2007. Its design is enshrined in the Constitution, Article 11.

Symbolism Edit

The Pine Jack has tree parts:

  • The hoist[1] is navy blue. This refers to the sea surrounding Lovia and the blue sky above the archipelago. It's also a reference to the liberal thoughts and the freedom of the United Wiki Nations.
  • The fly is red and refers to the fire, the passion and the enthusiasm of the people. It's the opposite of the blue and these two colors symbolize both the liberal and the socialist politic movements. This means that both ideologies are represented in Lovia and can live in peace together.
  • At last there is the badge in the center of the flag, between the two fields. The badge in the center represents a pine tree, specifically the Lovian Jack Pine, the national symbol of Lovia. The fact that it's in between red and blue, symbolizes their relation and the fact they're working together on a united nation.

Resembling flags Edit

  • The French flag[2]
  • The flag of the city of Paris[3]
  • The flag of the Quapaw Tribe of Indians[4]
  • The flag of the Comanche Nation[5]

Versions Edit

There are three versions of the Lovian flag uploaded on Wikination:

For the smallest version ( Flag of Lovia Small ), this template can be used: {{Lovia}}

References and notes Edit

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