General's Compromise

The General's Compromise is Il Duce Octavian's proposal for peace, based on an earlier proposal of his General Oos Wes Ilava. The major difference with the former Emperor's Compromise, is that only Oceana and Sylvanian forces will be negotiating.

Il Duce Octavian says "to re-unite for once and forever the Oceana cultural lands" but he also claims that "there is a need of a buffer zone against possible Sylvanian attacks in the future".

Proposal Edit

  • Oceana becomes an independent and sovereign state.
  • Oceana receives cultural Oceana grounds: Muzan Hills, Southern Noble City Bay
  • Oceana receives the Donia Castle and its surrounding lands on the left side of the Beaver River
  • There shall be peace. The fighting shall stop directly. No more wars in the future.
  • Sylvania's integrity, whether as independent state, or as part of Lovia, shall fully be respected by Oceana.
  • Lovia will recognize the independency and sovereignty of Oceana.
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