A governor (from French gouverneur) is a governing official, usually the executive (at least nominally, to different degrees also politically and administratively) of a non-sovereign level of government, ranking under the head of state. In federations, a governor may be the title of each appointed or elected politician who governs a constituent state.

In Lovia, the term Governor refers to the elected executive of one of the five Lovian states, elected in biannual state elections. Even in speech, the term is often abbreviated to Gov, as opposed to Dep (Deputy Governor). Governors in Lovia have limited powers and responsibilities, especially since the 2010 State Reform. The Constitution prescribes that, "in general, the competencies of the state level are limited to local government that does not interfere with federal law and government."

List of incumbent governors and deputies[edit | edit source]

The incumbent Governors and Deputy Governors, inaugurated October 20th, 2012, were elected to their respective offices in the State Elections, 2012. CCPL were the overall winners, electing one Governor and two deputies, followed by Labour with one governor and one deputy, but since Taiyō no Eisei left the CCPL their total has fallen to one governor and one deputy.

Flag of Clymene.pngState map Clymene.png
Name Year of birth Residence in Clymene Party affiliation Election results
Governor Jake Mezatir 1993 Plains seal proposal.gif Plains Lovian Future
Deputy Governor ? ? ? ? ?
Flag of Kings.pngState map Kings.png
Name Year of birth Residence in Kings Party affiliation Election results
Governor Desmond Brown 1968 East River Independent 45%
Flag of Oceana.pngState map Oceana.png
Name Year of birth Residence in Oceana Party affiliation Election results
Governor Oos Wes Ilava 1972 Seal of Hurbanova.png Hurbanova CCPL
Deputy Governor Bart Koenen 1993 Seal of Hurbanova.png Hurbanova Party New Oceana 23%
Flag of Seven.pngState map Seven.png
Name Year of birth Residence in Seven Party affiliation Election results
Governor Alexei Krasnov 1981 Seal of Kinley.png Kinley CNP
Flag of Sylvania.pngState map Sylvania.png
Name Year of birth Residence in Sylvania Party affiliation Election results
Governor Lukas Hoffmann 1975 Seal of The Mall.png The Mall, Noble City CNP
Deputy Governor Marcus Villanova 1993 East Sylvania Labour

List of former governors[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Originally elected as deputy governor; became governor after death of incumbent Semyon Breyev
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