Seal of the Grand Interstate Railway

The Grand Interstate Railway or Grand Interstate Line is an important railway connecting Sylvania and Kings over the Connection Bridge. The line's terminuses are Newhaven Main and Transcity NC. The line is owned by Congress and managed by the Department of Transportation.

The line is partially single-track and double-track; from Train Village to the Connection Bridge, the railway is suitable for high-speed traffic up to 250 km/h.

Name Edit

The name Grand Interstate Railway was chosen by King Dimitri and Prime Minister Yuri Medvedev. The 'grand' refers to its size and importance, as the major connection between the most populous states: Sylvania and Kings. In Kings the railway is almost always referred to as the Grand Interstate Line, while Sylvanians called it a railway.


In 2012 Transport Minister Justin Abrahams developed a plan for stramlining railway operations in the state and reducing costs. The Kings State Line was merged into the GIR and is being expanded to reach further north and south in the state.

Railway stations and haltsEdit

  1. Seal Beaverwick (Kings North Railway Station) (terminus)
  2. Seal of Newhaven Newhaven, NH (Newhaven Main Station)
  3. Seal of Malipa Malipa, NH (Malipa Railway Station)
  4. Seal of Abby Springs Abby Springs, NH (Abby Springs Railway Station)
  5. Seal of Portland Hurket-on-Kings, PL (Hurket-on-Kings Railway Halt)
  6. Seal of Train Village Train Village (Train Village Railway Station)
  7. Noble City International Airport 1 Noble City International Airport, NC (NCIA Railway Station)
  8. Seal of Transcity Transcity, NC (Transcity Railway Station) (terminus)

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