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Great Royal Palace 1

The new palace

The Great Royal Palace is a Lovian landmark and the new Lovian royal palace, that was built shortly after the former, the Palati Daidalo burned down in May 2008. It was designed by Pierlot McCrooke of the Achtectus architectural bureau. The monarch, King Dimitri I, started residing in the new palace shortly after it was furnished in June 2008.

Construction Edit

King Dimitri I was crowned November 9, 2007 in the Palati Daidalo, the new royal palace replacing the Old Royal Palace. The new king resided in this palace until May 3, 2008. The king planned a refurnishing of the palace the coming weeks and moved everything to his Long Road residence. By coincidence, that night the palace caught fire. The fire devasted the entire palace, but most of the surrounding gardens and the adjacent buildings were saved. Firefighters managed to stop the flames by the morning of May 4.


Another proposal that was declined

The King directly commenced the quest for a new design shortly after. Within a week, Pierlot McCrooke's architectural bureau Achtectus proposed a design that was immediately accepted by HRH. The design was based on the Luxemburg Palace (Palais du Luxembourg)[1] in Paris, where the French Senate seats. The new design is remarkably smaller than the former royal palace.

Other designs proposed by Achtectus were based on several European palaces, but were all declined by HRH, because they were too bombastic or too large.

The building process proceded at a record tempo, due to the enormous number of workman and building specialists on the job. The royal family spokesmen announced about 400 men were working on the palace construction at that time, while the Achtectus bureau claimed 385 workmen and a team of 48 specialists were dealing with the palace's construction. Thanks to the professional prestations of Pierlot McCrooke's team and the great preparational works, the building only took two weeks, a record time for the building of a construction of that size, difficulty and finesse.

On May 25, 2008, McCrooke announced the exterior work was done and the rough interior works were finished as well.[2] His Royal Higness King Dimitri I commenced the interior furnishing that same day and wishes to reside in the new palace by June 2008.

Surrounding gardens Edit

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References and notes Edit

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