Heritage Studios
Name Heritage Studios
Type private company
Product motion pictures, television producions
Origin Lovian
Founded April 9, 2008 by Arthur Jefferson
Owner(s) Arthur Jefferson (60%), King Dimitri I of Lovia (20%), Lars Washington (20%)
Headquarters Seal of Hightech Valley Hightech Valley, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi,
Seal of Clymene Clymene (CL-SO-HV)

Heritage Studios is a major Lovian motion picture and television production company. It was founded in 2008 by Arthur Jefferson. Heritage Studios' latest creation is the prize-winning The Lovely, a feature film about the life of Abigail Johnson. Currently, Heritage Studios is working on a film about the 1950s famines.

Company Edit

The company's stocks are divided under three Lovian citizens:

Productions Edit

The Lovely (2010) Edit

The Lovely is a 2010 Lovian feature film by Heritage Studios, starring Pierlot McCrooke, T.S. McCartney, Elly Buick, HRH Dimitri Noble, Kimberly and Suzanna Dujardin. Arthur Jefferson directed this motion picture featuring the life of Abigail Johnson. It was planned to be in the theaters by October or November 2008, but was postponed to January 2010 due to the nation's political slum. The Lovely was nominated during the Malipa Cinema Festival and won the Jury Prize.

The Unfortunate Famine (2010/2011) Edit

The Unfortunate Famine is a planned movie, most likely to be released in 2011. This historical movie depicts the fictionalized Luce Family in the Lovian 1950s. The events in the lifes of the Luces eventually lead to the dramatic abdication of King Lucas I.

Vertical (2010/2011) Edit

Vertical is a planned film, to be released in 2011. The historical drama is on a doomed attempt to climb Mount Smith, where the Lovian-German climbing duo Peter Anderson and Johann Veit both tragically die in their search for victory on the summit.

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