Seal of Hightech Valley

Flag of Hightech Valley

Name Hightech Valley
Hexacode CL-SO-HV
Population 1,346
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Next to Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, Clymene State Airport
Nicknames None

Hightech Valley is an industrial neighborhood in the Town of Sofasi, in Clymene. There are a lot of green areas in Hightech Valley, 14.08% of the neighborhood is dedicated to nature.

Companies in the green- and language sector will be granted a tax benefit if they settle here, given by the state government.

History Edit

Hightech Valley was founded December 1, 2007 by Sofasi Mayor, Robin Ferguson, with some help from the King of Lovia. The first companies in Hightech Valley were Lokixx Comp. and Lovineft.

Map Edit

Clymene State Airport
North Pacific Corporation
2B Airplane Avenue
LSCA Offical Headquarters
4 Airplane Avenue
1* World of Media Clymene headquarters
2 Gold Street
1 Silver Street
1 Copper Street
2* Offices
Heritage Studios
2 Copper Street
Movie studios
Heritage Studios
16 Airplane Avenue
2A Airplane Avenue
Smart Business Company
6 Airplane Avenue
3* Mary's
10 Airplane Avenue
12 Airplane Avenue
Movie studios
Heritage Studios
14 Airplane Avenue
Airplane Avenue
1 Airplane Avenue
Rani Dee
5 Airplane Avenue
Lokixx Comp.-

7 Airplane Avenue
Lovian Labour Center
9 Airplane Avenue
Sofasi Diamond Bank
11 Airplane Avenue
Vanguard Motors
13 Airplane Avenue
AS Bowl
Home to the Athina Sofasis
15 Airplane Street
Lokixx Park Sheraldin Architects offices
4 Copper Street
Lovineft Park Inter Bar
14 HAB Avenue
Hot-air Balloon Avenue
1 HAB Avenue
Kameron Metalworks
5 HAB Avenue
Graham's Carpentry
9 HAB Avenue
Danish Gardens
11 HAB Avenue
Erasmus Hordeum
13 HAB Avenue
Oos's Home and Hospital
15 HAB Avenue
George Washington Park Kameron Services
6 Glider Avenue
Hordeum Books
10 Glider Avenue
Yīgēn Kāng Nà
14 Glider Avenue
PTV World
16 Glider Avenue
Glider Avenue
BBSM Pacific
1 Glider Avenue
Imperial Models
3 Glider Avenue
UPC Sofasi

5 Glider Avenue
Krasnov Industries
7 Glider Avenue
Clymene Today
9 Glider Avenue
Zen Park
11 Glider Avenue
Zen Buddhist Temple
13 Glider Avenue
McDonald's Family Restaurant
15 Glider Avenue
Sofasi (center)
  • 1: Gold Street
  • 2: Copper Street
  • 3: Silver Street

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